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Was #Anders #Breivik a state agent? Watch film on #Operation #Gladio

Originally aired on BBC2 in 1992, Operation Gladio reveals Gladio, the secretstate-sponsored terror network operating in Europe. This BBC series is about a far-right secret army, operated by the CIA and MI6 through NATO, which killed hundreds of innocent Europeans and attempted to blame the deaths on Baader Meinhof, Red Brigades and other left wing groups.

Known as stay-behinds these armies were given access to military equipmentwhich was supposed to be used for sabotage after a Soviet invasion. Instead it was used in massacres across mainland Europe as part of a CIA Strategy of Tension. Gladio killing sprees in Belgium and Italy were carried out for the purpose of frightening the national political classes into adopting U.S. policies.

Click below to watch film on Operation Gladio!


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Reblogged via Suzy – Good luck those in court today at #Preston #brierfield

Good luck on Monday those being stitched up in #Brierfield case #edl


A MASSIVE stitch up is occurring at Preston crown court tomorrow when 11 men and one woman appear on charges of racially aggravated threatening behaviour. The facts of the matter are that after peacefully protesting outside corrupt MEP Sajjid Karims house, they made their way to Brierfield to hand out leaflets and were attacked by 100 Muslim thugs armed with machetes, bats and golf clubs.

The head of NW CPS, being a personal pal of Karim, has it in for these defendants, after Karim lied about them threatening him at his home, which we can prove didnt happen with videos taken on the day. The CPS have done a deal for them all to plead guilty to lesser charges, and the Judge yesterday hinted that he is going to punish them severely, even though all they actually did was defend themselves from a massive attack. Police statements back up the fact that the 100 Muslims were armed, screaming racial comments at the EDL and police and one officer said “normally we would have arrested these people for public order offences but were aware that this would have made the situation worse”. Other officers commented “I was in real fear for mine and my colleagues safety” and “several of the asian youths were armed and shouting racial abuse”.

So they took the easy option, and arrested the whites. after discussions we have decided that should these 12 people be unfairly sentenced on Monday, we are going to demo in Brierfield, and the CPS offices/Court because we simply cannot sit back and allow these injustices to go on. 11 people were jailed at Carlisle, for minor public order offences, NOT involving violence, yet the Somali girls who nearly kicked Rhea Page to death in Leicester did not face jail.

They are jailing white people left right and centre, while allowing immigrants, and especially Muslims, to break the law and get away with it. The CCTV shows many Muslim youths carrying weapons and threatening violence, and we will be publishing stills of these after the case and asking why these people have not been arrested, or the subject of an appeal on Crimewatch. We will also publish parts of the statement weve referred to.

Good luck tomorrow all those in court, you are gonna need it.


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Reblogged via Suzy – The #Carlisle injustice #edl

Carlisle sentences – we are under attack like never before


Use link at the bottom of this article to see the video of a supposed “terrifying” attack on a takeaway by people who believed the staff were involved in grooming young girls. (Most of them are – In Blackpool police said out of 23 takeaways 17 were involved in grooming girls) Apart from two of the men in this video, Andrew Ryan and the one who tips a chair over, most of the people involved are guilty of no more than a Section 5 public order offence and some as low as Drunk and Disorderly, a pathetic offence.

Yet because of the massive onslaught against white people by a legal system obsessed with political correctness, they were all jailed, including women with no previous and all for lengthy terms just because they dared abuse immigrants. The Muslim who killed someone in Dewsbury a few weeks ago had less prison than some of these girls have had for shouting, is that right? The four Somali girls in Leicester who kicked Rhea Pages head in had six months SUSPENDED, yet these girls who hit nobody got twelve months INSIDE. Is that fair?

Senior police, the Ministry of Justice, the CPS and Judges are all obsessed with diversity and with smashing white people down at any opportunity they get. Nearly 5000 white people were prosecuted for “hate crimes” last year according to the MOJ, most of them involving name calling, and most, you can bet involving jail sentences. Emma West and other women are being witch hunted for speaking their mind on trains.Again, likely to be jailed for offensive words, while immigrants attack our people and walk free. Police are launching major investigations about people chanting “Youre not English anymore” at Notts Forest and calling it “racist”. Quite clearly we are being persecuted for “thought crime”.

Massive amounts of money and hassle surround British football witchhunts as our players are constantly attacked as “racist” and  John Terry is dropped from his position before even being found guilty of an offence. The murder of Stephen Lawrence is rammed down our throats every day, as if to remind us that as white people we ought to be ashamed of our racist selves.

These politically correct morons are building up a major problem for this country as the more and more you persecute your own people and treat them as racist, the more of them will build up resentment and anger and become “racist”. The rise of all these patriotic groups is and the trouble occurring up and down the country is an early indicator of much bigger problems ahead. As the old saying goes “If you treat people like scum, some of them start acting like scum” and its already happening. These people are massively concerned about appeasing minorities in the interest of “community cohesion”, failing to see that the biggest part of the community is becoming increasingly alienated and hostile. If the people in the Carlisle case werent hardcore racists before they were imprisoned, they surely will be when they come out.

We are still the majority in this country and constantly persecuting us and telling us we are racist  while ignoring our concerns will eventually lead to big problems.



Click below for Carlisle case details and video of “attack” involving no violence for which ALL of them were jailed

Click below for Rhea Page attack involving massive violence for which NONE of them were jailed


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Reblogged – Why is this country in such a state? #edl #armedforcesday

This is one of the reasons why this country is in the state in which we find it today. Most of the population are distracted. They’rer watching a kids game (football) played by grown men who get paid more than the value of your house each week…. how can that be logical? You’re brainwashed by the controlled main stream media into thinking that sitting in front of a TV set watching other people earning millions is cool.
Since ‘the only way is Essex’ any mug who can afford a new motor now is ordering it in white…lol. If you ever needed proof that TV is there to brainwash you then there it is….lol
The whole country is disengaged from political opinion and process because they’d rather be watching X-factor, sport, reality TV, porn and big brother. Even most of the people who contribute to this blog don’t have a fucking clue. You’re all so blinded by anti-islam and racist fervour that you cant’t see who and what you’re really up against, and that is by design!.

I’m totally against the massive influx of foreigners that we’ve seen flood into this country in the past 50 or so years and all their bullshit customs and religions. But who allowed them in? Who steals most of the money you earn through direct and indirect taxation? Who has de-industrialised this country by taking us into that WTO (world trade organization) and getting rid of most of the well paid jobs in this country and replacing them with minimum wage jobs at Asda? Who sends our young men to die in foreign countries in which we have no legitimate business? Who has handed over British sovereignty to an un-elected unaccountable and unrepresentative foreign government in Brussells? …… Well, it wasn’t Osama Bin Laden, I can assure you.

This country has been hyjacked by a foreign bank cartel. Our politicians are bought and paid for, our military is little more than a force of hired mercanaries doing their bidding and the population is controlled by a tame media. You’ve all fallen for the democratic lie. There has never been real democracy in this country just a two horse race in which both horses are owned by the same people. What does that mean? It means that whoever you vote for, you get more of the same.


Time to take our country back!!!!

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Good luck on Monday the #Brierfield twelve, about to be stitched up for defending themselves #edl

We are with you NFSE

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Ian Austin,Labour MP for Dudley North tries to tell us #Enoch #Powell was wrong LOL is he for real? Does he live in a bubble?

Enoch Powell was wrong

On immigration, the issue that defines him, Enoch Powell was not visionary: he was utterly mistaken, deliberately incendiary, and a dupe of the National Front, writes Ian Austin.

Enoch Powell's speech was dangerous, inflammatory - and wrong

Enoch Powell’s speech was dangerous, inflammatory – and wrong Photo: Rex Features

By Ian Austin

2:20PM BST 22 Jun 2012

On the centenary of his birth this week, we have been told several times about Enoch Powell’s prescience and wisdom. He has been condemned for the last 44 years as a racist, but a campaign to rehabilitate him is under way. A new collection of essays is graced with a foreword by Iain Duncan Smith, and several high-profile columnists have written in praise of him. After recounting his war record, his supporters list the languages he’d mastered, praise the power of his oratory and tell us how he saw the future. But they are wrong, and so was he.

Duncan Smith warmly recounts anecdotes about platforms and journeys they shared, discussing his views on Europe, the nation state and the constitution, before eventually getting to Powell’s notorious speech. He exonerates him of racism, criticising only his “injudicious use of inflammatory language”, but excuses that on the grounds that his “low opinion of Ted Heath distorted his judgement.” In case we’ve not get the message, he gives the last word to Anne Robinson, quoting her description of him as “a worthy hero.”

Their claims that he was not a racist are, as Dorian Lynskey pointed out in the New Statesman this week, undermined by Powell himself asking BBC journalist Michael Cockerill, “What’s wrong with racism? Racism is the basis of nationality.”

The Times was right when it condemned Powell for making “an evil speech” which “appealed to racial hatred.” The Sunday Times said he was spouting “the fantasies of racial purity.” Ted Heath said it was “racialist in tone and liable to exacerbate racial tensions”. Iain Macleod, Edward Boyle, Quintin Hogg and Robert Carr demanded he be sacked from the front bench, promising they’d go if he didn’t.

It is not racist to worry about immigration and its impact on jobs or on scarce public services. I’ve raised my constituents’ concerns about these issues regularly, but the truth is that Powell didn’t just raise worries about immigration. Read what he said.

He claimed a constituent he described as a “a decent, ordinary fellow Englishman” had told him that the country would “not be worth living in”, because “in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man”. He complained his constituents were becoming strangers in their own country, that their wives could not get hospital beds to give birth in, or their children school places. He proposed “generous grants and assistance”, so that immigrants would leave the country. He even predicted race wars, quoting the Aeneid and its “wars, terrible wars”. “As I look ahead,” he said, “I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’.”

And he raised a letter he said he’d received from someone in Northumberland about an elderly woman in Wolverhampton who had become her street’s only white resident and was, he claimed, being harassed each morning by black residents wanting to ring their employers. “She is becoming afraid to go out,” he claimed. “Windows are broken. She finds excreta pushed through her letterbox. When she goes to the shops, she is followed by children, charming wide-eyed piccaninnies.” But Powell had not spoken to the woman: in fact, he’d not even bothered to check whether she was a real person.

Clem Jones, then editor of the Black Country’s evening paper, The Express and Star, and a man of great bravery and integrity, set out to establish the facts. He searched the electoral register and sent his journalists out to pound the streets, but could find no evidence to that the Wolverhampton woman existed.

He was concerned because, a few weeks before, Powell had made a speech in Walsall in which he claimed a constituent had complained that his daughter was the only white child in her class. Jones’ son Nick, the former BBC reporter, says his father’s journalists had been unable to substantiate those claims, and that he warned Powell that he’d been receiving similar anonymous complaints which turned out to be false, and had been traced back to members of the National Front. Powell wouldn’t listen, boasting instead about the bags of letters he’d received in support.

Jones also knew – whatever Powell claimed afterwards or Duncan Smith believes today – that Powell knew in advance exactly what impact his speech would have. He had been a close friend of Powell’s, even advising how to attract publicity for his speeches. In the week beforehand, Powell told Jones he would be making another speech the following Saturday, but refused to tell him what would be in it.

“Look, Clem,” he said, “I’m not telling you what is in the speech. But you know how a rocket goes up into the air, explodes into lots of stars, and then falls down to the ground. Well, this speech is going to go up like a rocket, and when it gets to the top, the stars are going to stay up.” Powell was appealing to the worst racist prejudices, and he knew exactly what he was doing.

Under the headline “Coloured family attacked”, the Times reported that 10 days after the speech a black family’s christening party in Wolverhampton had been attacked by a gang of racist thugs chanting “Powell” and “Why don’t you go back to your own country.” The baby’s grandfather was slashed in the face with a knife. He’d been in Britain 13 years, and said “nothing like this has happened before. I am shattered”.

A few months ago, I was with a group of people when an article they’d read about an asylum seeker came up. “Scum of the earth,” one said, before another replied that “Enoch Powell was right. He was just too clever for them.” I told them what he’d said and why he’d been wrong. But it showed that excusing or minimising what Powell said can encourage abuse and racism elsewhere.

Despite the prejudice his speech encouraged, despite the fact that black people were attacked because of his speech, and despite all the challenges Britain has faced in the 44 years since, the race wars he predicted have not happened.

He might have been able to quote Virgil and speak lots of different languages, but none of his apocalyptic prophecies came true. Despite his paranoia, Britain is a country in which people from different countries, backgrounds and cultures work and live together harmoniously. Iin Britain today what matters is not where you or your parents were born, what you look like, but the contribution you make, the way you behave and what you believe.

So whether it’s in a collection of essays, a newspaper, at work or in a pub, the next time someone tells you “Enoch was right”, tell them the truth: in the speech for which he is remembered, he was utterly wrong.

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When is a vicious racial attack not a vicious racial attack? When the victim is white of course #bnp #edl #nwi #southend

Victim of a horrifying ‘gang initiation’: This young woman was clawed in the face by a female attacker as she walked in the park

  • Leanne, 22, may be left with permanent scarring after the unprovoked attack in Southend, Essex
  • Three men kicked her legs and body as she lay on the floor before fleeing with her bag
  • Officers issue an e-fit of the attacker they are hunting following the ‘unjustified and disgraceful’ incident


PUBLISHED: 10:59, 15 June 2012 | UPDATED: 12:43, 15 June 2012

This shocking picture shows how a young woman’s face was savagely ripped apart by a female gang member as part of an ‘initiation ceremony’.

The victim, named only as Leanne, 22, was set upon as she walked alone through a park in Southend, Essex.

She was dragged to the floor by her hair before the crazed attacker repeatedly scratched her fingernails down her face.

Attack: Leanne, 22, is left with a bloodied face after being clawed by a suspected gang member in an unprovoked park attack in Southend, EssexAttack: Leanne, 22, is left with a bloodied face after being clawed by a suspected gang member in an unprovoked park attack in Southend, Essex

Three men kicked her in the legs and body as she lay in a bloody mess before fleeing with her black Nike bag.

Police fear the attacker targeted Leanne as part of an initiation process for a gang responsible for a recent spate of street robberies in Southend, Leigh and Westcliff, Essex.

She has released this bloodied picture of herself to help police catch the woman and the gang of four men she was with.


The incident happened as she was walking through Southchurch Park, near Woodgrange Drive, Southend.

Attacker: This is an efit of the woman yob police are hunting over the lunchtime park attack on Leanne, 22Attacker: This is an efit of the woman yob police are hunting over the lunchtime park attack on Leanne, 22

Leanne, who lives in Southend, was so traumatised that when she called 999 she was unable to even give them her surname.

A passer-by comforted her until police and paramedics arrived, and took her to Southend Hospital for treatment.

She could now be left with permanent scarring. Police have also released an e-fit of the woman attacker.

Southend Inspector Matt Bennett said: ‘There seems to be a completely unnecessary level of violence that’s quite horrific.

‘There’s no reason why this level of violence has been used, it was totally unprovoked.

‘There are theories as to why this happened – maybe somebody tried to prove themselves to the gang, but that’s only a theory at the moment.

‘Whatever the motivation, it’s thoroughly unjustified and disgraceful behaviour.’

Leanne was robbed of her bag containing £62 cash, a gold chain, store cards and documents.

The woman who led the attack was thought to be in her early 20s, about 5ft 1in tall, either tanned or of mixed race with dark-coloured hair in a pony tail.

She wore a grey tracksuit, and would have had blood all over her trousers.

Three of the men with her were black, and the victim described them as aged about 25.

One was wearing a red hooded top and the others had black hoodies. One of them had a red bandana over his face.

A fourth man helped drag the woman to the ground. He was white, in his 20s, skinny and wearing a black jumper.

Read more:

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