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(Reblogged by Becki) France grows a set of balls #edl #sdl #uaf

They are NOT waving the white flag and seem to have grown some steel ones , which is nice to see.
First they banned the Burkha becuase it did not fit with the French culture and , they are looking at banning street praying cos it interferes with every day life (Cameron take note)
Now they are “Smashing ” ILLEGAL immigrants camps and getting them ready for deportation.
This is great to see as they are putting thier country ahead of anyone or anything else.
THE PROBLEM I HAVE is that I think many of these people will head here and our country is under enough strain as it is.
Time to use some of those soldiers at the Olympics at our borders so the border agency can do thier job efficently.



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#SDL arrests update reblogged by Holly

Police state
11 nationalists were arrested in raids around Scotland this Friday.  

They were taken to Stewart Street Police Station in Glasgow. All were released by midnight last night but were due to appear at Court tomorrow charged with breach of the peace.
A further two people who police had been seeking, voluntarily attended Stewart Street Station today.

<--break->The charges appear to relate to a British National Party demonstration in Glasgow on June 16. Reports indicate that the charges relate to critical chanting against terrorist bombers and pedophiles!

The background to the raids and arrests is interesting. Following a demonstration in Glasgow on 16th June, reported on this site Strathclyde Police came under heavy political fire for allowing it to take place. Their reaction was to panic and order an investigation which was divided into two – one investigating potential criminality on the day and the other their own handling of it. Detective Superintendent Louise Raphael was put in charge.

She decided to arrest patriots and attack their freedom of assembly and expression. She decided to mount dawn raids and arrest people in front of workmates, customers and employers. She decided that Nationalists should be hand-cuffed and, if early reports are true, must bear responsibility for the fact that whilst in custody some were denied legal representation and were only givenmedical attention after long delays.
Louise Raphael also decided to co-operate with the ‘Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees’ in what appears to many to be a politically motivated prosecution. The timing also supports the view that the arrests were politically driven. The British National Party supported by the Scottish Defence League and others were due to demonstrate in Glasgow the day after and it seems clear that this was a coordinated attempt by the politically correct Police to disrupt these plans.
It must also be said that the Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP was led into a supposed “safe area” by the police at Saturdays protest in Scotland, while other patriots were either in custody or prevented from entering the protest area for up to an hour, leaving our Chairman with only his small personal security team and National Treasurer, Clive Jefferson.We find it beyond coincidence that five left wing agitators were the only other people allowed into the protest area were they instantly made a serious attempt to physically attack our Chairman. Only the quick and professional intervention of our volunteer security team prevented a serious assault on the Chairman. This incident in the very centre of hundreds of Scottish riot police and with the other related arrests and disruption of our lawful right to protest is deeply suspicious.
Tomorrow at Glasgow Sheriff Court people with principle will hold their heads high as they are brought before the court for expressing their beliefs and concerns.
Shame on the Strathclyde Police.
Shame on Louise Raphael.
You can register a polite protest with Louise Raphael and tell her not to involve herself in attacks on freedom of expression by calling            0141 533 3093       / 01389822051 or emailing contactus@strathclyde.pnn.police.uk
You can also show solidarity with our brothers by attending Glasgow Sheriff Court on Monday at 1230.
This site will carry updates on the case as it progresses and keep the public informed on the political prostitution of Strathclyde Police.
What is now very clear is that the wave of state persecution of patriots and this attack on our very freedoms of speech, of political expression and right every British citizens right to protest is not isolated to Mersyside and Strathclide Police forces and is indeed a national trend.
We will not be silenced, we will stand firm in the face of this disgraceful abuse of police powers and we will fully support our fellow patriots. We are in urgent need of a fighting fund to allow us to hire the best legal defence for our friends so please make a donation right now to this urgent appeal and together as nationalists we will defend the basic democratic rights of our comrades and the British people.
Yet again the political puppet masters have underestimated the tenacity of our people and of our cause.
Please make your most generous donation NOW by clicking on the link below or by calling             0844 809 4581       between 9.30 am and 6pm.

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Comment from an American reader (Reblogged by Zoe) #edl

“I have always held that an important weapon in the arsenal of true Brits lay in their wallets. Boycotting can be truly effective. Here in America, although it has never been officially declared, whites have a word of mouth boycott going on of both MacDonalds and Burger King. (De Facto hangouts for black and latino gangs.) As a result Burger King stock dropped from number two to number four and MacDonalds is rethinking it’s Black 365 campaign. So Brits should seriously stop patronizing invader run businesses. It DOES have an effect..”

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Reblogged – Why is this country in such a state? #edl #armedforcesday

This is one of the reasons why this country is in the state in which we find it today. Most of the population are distracted. They’rer watching a kids game (football) played by grown men who get paid more than the value of your house each week…. how can that be logical? You’re brainwashed by the controlled main stream media into thinking that sitting in front of a TV set watching other people earning millions is cool.
Since ‘the only way is Essex’ any mug who can afford a new motor now is ordering it in white…lol. If you ever needed proof that TV is there to brainwash you then there it is….lol
The whole country is disengaged from political opinion and process because they’d rather be watching X-factor, sport, reality TV, porn and big brother. Even most of the people who contribute to this blog don’t have a fucking clue. You’re all so blinded by anti-islam and racist fervour that you cant’t see who and what you’re really up against, and that is by design!.

I’m totally against the massive influx of foreigners that we’ve seen flood into this country in the past 50 or so years and all their bullshit customs and religions. But who allowed them in? Who steals most of the money you earn through direct and indirect taxation? Who has de-industrialised this country by taking us into that WTO (world trade organization) and getting rid of most of the well paid jobs in this country and replacing them with minimum wage jobs at Asda? Who sends our young men to die in foreign countries in which we have no legitimate business? Who has handed over British sovereignty to an un-elected unaccountable and unrepresentative foreign government in Brussells? …… Well, it wasn’t Osama Bin Laden, I can assure you.

This country has been hyjacked by a foreign bank cartel. Our politicians are bought and paid for, our military is little more than a force of hired mercanaries doing their bidding and the population is controlled by a tame media. You’ve all fallen for the democratic lie. There has never been real democracy in this country just a two horse race in which both horses are owned by the same people. What does that mean? It means that whoever you vote for, you get more of the same.


Time to take our country back!!!!

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Ian Austin,Labour MP for Dudley North tries to tell us #Enoch #Powell was wrong LOL is he for real? Does he live in a bubble?

Enoch Powell was wrong

On immigration, the issue that defines him, Enoch Powell was not visionary: he was utterly mistaken, deliberately incendiary, and a dupe of the National Front, writes Ian Austin.

Enoch Powell's speech was dangerous, inflammatory - and wrong

Enoch Powell’s speech was dangerous, inflammatory – and wrong Photo: Rex Features

By Ian Austin

2:20PM BST 22 Jun 2012

On the centenary of his birth this week, we have been told several times about Enoch Powell’s prescience and wisdom. He has been condemned for the last 44 years as a racist, but a campaign to rehabilitate him is under way. A new collection of essays is graced with a foreword by Iain Duncan Smith, and several high-profile columnists have written in praise of him. After recounting his war record, his supporters list the languages he’d mastered, praise the power of his oratory and tell us how he saw the future. But they are wrong, and so was he.

Duncan Smith warmly recounts anecdotes about platforms and journeys they shared, discussing his views on Europe, the nation state and the constitution, before eventually getting to Powell’s notorious speech. He exonerates him of racism, criticising only his “injudicious use of inflammatory language”, but excuses that on the grounds that his “low opinion of Ted Heath distorted his judgement.” In case we’ve not get the message, he gives the last word to Anne Robinson, quoting her description of him as “a worthy hero.”

Their claims that he was not a racist are, as Dorian Lynskey pointed out in the New Statesman this week, undermined by Powell himself asking BBC journalist Michael Cockerill, “What’s wrong with racism? Racism is the basis of nationality.”

The Times was right when it condemned Powell for making “an evil speech” which “appealed to racial hatred.” The Sunday Times said he was spouting “the fantasies of racial purity.” Ted Heath said it was “racialist in tone and liable to exacerbate racial tensions”. Iain Macleod, Edward Boyle, Quintin Hogg and Robert Carr demanded he be sacked from the front bench, promising they’d go if he didn’t.

It is not racist to worry about immigration and its impact on jobs or on scarce public services. I’ve raised my constituents’ concerns about these issues regularly, but the truth is that Powell didn’t just raise worries about immigration. Read what he said.

He claimed a constituent he described as a “a decent, ordinary fellow Englishman” had told him that the country would “not be worth living in”, because “in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man”. He complained his constituents were becoming strangers in their own country, that their wives could not get hospital beds to give birth in, or their children school places. He proposed “generous grants and assistance”, so that immigrants would leave the country. He even predicted race wars, quoting the Aeneid and its “wars, terrible wars”. “As I look ahead,” he said, “I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’.”

And he raised a letter he said he’d received from someone in Northumberland about an elderly woman in Wolverhampton who had become her street’s only white resident and was, he claimed, being harassed each morning by black residents wanting to ring their employers. “She is becoming afraid to go out,” he claimed. “Windows are broken. She finds excreta pushed through her letterbox. When she goes to the shops, she is followed by children, charming wide-eyed piccaninnies.” But Powell had not spoken to the woman: in fact, he’d not even bothered to check whether she was a real person.

Clem Jones, then editor of the Black Country’s evening paper, The Express and Star, and a man of great bravery and integrity, set out to establish the facts. He searched the electoral register and sent his journalists out to pound the streets, but could find no evidence to that the Wolverhampton woman existed.

He was concerned because, a few weeks before, Powell had made a speech in Walsall in which he claimed a constituent had complained that his daughter was the only white child in her class. Jones’ son Nick, the former BBC reporter, says his father’s journalists had been unable to substantiate those claims, and that he warned Powell that he’d been receiving similar anonymous complaints which turned out to be false, and had been traced back to members of the National Front. Powell wouldn’t listen, boasting instead about the bags of letters he’d received in support.

Jones also knew – whatever Powell claimed afterwards or Duncan Smith believes today – that Powell knew in advance exactly what impact his speech would have. He had been a close friend of Powell’s, even advising how to attract publicity for his speeches. In the week beforehand, Powell told Jones he would be making another speech the following Saturday, but refused to tell him what would be in it.

“Look, Clem,” he said, “I’m not telling you what is in the speech. But you know how a rocket goes up into the air, explodes into lots of stars, and then falls down to the ground. Well, this speech is going to go up like a rocket, and when it gets to the top, the stars are going to stay up.” Powell was appealing to the worst racist prejudices, and he knew exactly what he was doing.

Under the headline “Coloured family attacked”, the Times reported that 10 days after the speech a black family’s christening party in Wolverhampton had been attacked by a gang of racist thugs chanting “Powell” and “Why don’t you go back to your own country.” The baby’s grandfather was slashed in the face with a knife. He’d been in Britain 13 years, and said “nothing like this has happened before. I am shattered”.

A few months ago, I was with a group of people when an article they’d read about an asylum seeker came up. “Scum of the earth,” one said, before another replied that “Enoch Powell was right. He was just too clever for them.” I told them what he’d said and why he’d been wrong. But it showed that excusing or minimising what Powell said can encourage abuse and racism elsewhere.

Despite the prejudice his speech encouraged, despite the fact that black people were attacked because of his speech, and despite all the challenges Britain has faced in the 44 years since, the race wars he predicted have not happened.

He might have been able to quote Virgil and speak lots of different languages, but none of his apocalyptic prophecies came true. Despite his paranoia, Britain is a country in which people from different countries, backgrounds and cultures work and live together harmoniously. Iin Britain today what matters is not where you or your parents were born, what you look like, but the contribution you make, the way you behave and what you believe.

So whether it’s in a collection of essays, a newspaper, at work or in a pub, the next time someone tells you “Enoch was right”, tell them the truth: in the speech for which he is remembered, he was utterly wrong.


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When is a vicious racial attack not a vicious racial attack? When the victim is white of course #bnp #edl #nwi #southend

Victim of a horrifying ‘gang initiation’: This young woman was clawed in the face by a female attacker as she walked in the park

  • Leanne, 22, may be left with permanent scarring after the unprovoked attack in Southend, Essex
  • Three men kicked her legs and body as she lay on the floor before fleeing with her bag
  • Officers issue an e-fit of the attacker they are hunting following the ‘unjustified and disgraceful’ incident


PUBLISHED: 10:59, 15 June 2012 | UPDATED: 12:43, 15 June 2012

This shocking picture shows how a young woman’s face was savagely ripped apart by a female gang member as part of an ‘initiation ceremony’.

The victim, named only as Leanne, 22, was set upon as she walked alone through a park in Southend, Essex.

She was dragged to the floor by her hair before the crazed attacker repeatedly scratched her fingernails down her face.

Attack: Leanne, 22, is left with a bloodied face after being clawed by a suspected gang member in an unprovoked park attack in Southend, EssexAttack: Leanne, 22, is left with a bloodied face after being clawed by a suspected gang member in an unprovoked park attack in Southend, Essex

Three men kicked her in the legs and body as she lay in a bloody mess before fleeing with her black Nike bag.

Police fear the attacker targeted Leanne as part of an initiation process for a gang responsible for a recent spate of street robberies in Southend, Leigh and Westcliff, Essex.

She has released this bloodied picture of herself to help police catch the woman and the gang of four men she was with.


The incident happened as she was walking through Southchurch Park, near Woodgrange Drive, Southend.

Attacker: This is an efit of the woman yob police are hunting over the lunchtime park attack on Leanne, 22Attacker: This is an efit of the woman yob police are hunting over the lunchtime park attack on Leanne, 22

Leanne, who lives in Southend, was so traumatised that when she called 999 she was unable to even give them her surname.

A passer-by comforted her until police and paramedics arrived, and took her to Southend Hospital for treatment.

She could now be left with permanent scarring. Police have also released an e-fit of the woman attacker.

Southend Inspector Matt Bennett said: ‘There seems to be a completely unnecessary level of violence that’s quite horrific.

‘There’s no reason why this level of violence has been used, it was totally unprovoked.

‘There are theories as to why this happened – maybe somebody tried to prove themselves to the gang, but that’s only a theory at the moment.

‘Whatever the motivation, it’s thoroughly unjustified and disgraceful behaviour.’

Leanne was robbed of her bag containing £62 cash, a gold chain, store cards and documents.

The woman who led the attack was thought to be in her early 20s, about 5ft 1in tall, either tanned or of mixed race with dark-coloured hair in a pony tail.

She wore a grey tracksuit, and would have had blood all over her trousers.

Three of the men with her were black, and the victim described them as aged about 25.

One was wearing a red hooded top and the others had black hoodies. One of them had a red bandana over his face.

A fourth man helped drag the woman to the ground. He was white, in his 20s, skinny and wearing a black jumper.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2159699/Victim-horrifying-gang-initiation-This-young-woman-clawed-face-female-attacker-walked-park.html#ixzz1xsoa57f5

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Why are scum allowed to own these dogs? #enochpowellwasright #swindon

I couldn’t give a toss’: Shocking response of devil dog owner whose pet maimed boy of two

  • Keiron Guess savaged by Staffordshire bull terrier while playing by his home
  • Toddler lucky to survive after needing hours of surgery to rebuild his face
  • Dog’s 15-year-old owner Shovell King has a fearsome reputation in Swindon
  • Showed no remorse, writing on Facebook: ‘I couldn’t give a tossss [sic]’
  • Ratty mauled two police officers during drugs raid on King’s house last year
  • No-one will face charges over toddler attack as it was on private property


PUBLISHED: 23:03, 8 June 2012 | UPDATED: 23:35, 8 June 2012


Little Keiron Guess needed seven hours of surgery this week to rebuild his face after being savaged by a neighbour’s Staffordshire bull terrier. And the response of the dog’s 15-year-old owner is every bit as horrifying…

With his ‘hoodie’ and the peak of his baseball cap perpetually pulled down over his face, Shovell King cut an intimidating figure.

His appearance, though, was not the only reason which made people want to cross the road when they saw the 15-year-old coming towards them.

Another was invariably by his side: up to 3st of muscle, teeth and claws masquerading as a  family pet — a vicious Staffordshire bull terrier called Ratty.

Photo of Kieren Guess aged 2 who was mauled by two dogs in Swanage Walk, Swindon
Collect photo of Kieren Guess aged 2 who was mauled by two dogs in Swanage Walk, Swindon

Mauled: Two-year-old Kieron Guess needed seven hours of surgery to rebuild his face after being attacked by a neighbour’s Staffordshire bull terrier outside his home in Swindon

The two — dog and owner — enjoyed a fearsome reputation in Swindon. Ratty’s temperament, it seems, was more American pit bull, a breed banned in Britain, than traditional ‘Staffie’. According to neighbours, it appeared that Shovell King used the snarling, growling animal to scare and intimidate.

Last year, during a drugs raid at the house that Shovell — or ‘Shovi’ as he is known — shares with his father, Garfield King, his ‘pet’ attacked not one but two police officers.


Nothing illegal was found at the end-of-terrace in Swanage Walk, but one officer was bitten on the hand, the other on the leg. Even a blast from a Taser stun gun failed to subdue the crazed animal. In other words, Ratty was a tragedy just waiting to happen.

That tragedy finally occurred at 6pm on Sunday, which is why you are reading about ‘Shovi’ King today. The victim, on this occasion, was two-year-old Keiron Guess. Keiron lives with his mum Stacey, 22, father Anthony, 23, and his brother Mckenzie, aged four, in a home backing on to the Kings’ property.

On Sunday, Keiron was being looked after by his grandfather. He was playing outside but wandered into the garden where Ratty the Staffordshire bull terrier was kept. Moments later, the sound of screams filled Swanage Walk.

Rescuer: Kieron's grandfather Dave Guess (above) came to the toddler's aid after hearing screams as the youngster was being attackedRescuer: Kieron’s grandfather Dave Guess (above) came to the toddler’s aid after hearing screams as the youngster was being attacked

Confrontation: Jonathan King, (left) the eldest son of dog owner Garfield King clashes with Dave Guess, grandfather of dog attack victim Kieron Guess today

Confrontation: Jonathan King (left), a brother of dog owner Shovell King, clashes with Mr Guess over the attack

We shall not dwell on the horrific seconds that followed. Suffice to say, Keiron underwent seven hours of emergency reconstructive surgery on his face after being airlifted to hospital in Bristol.

He is lucky only in the sense that he survived. In the past five years alone, six children in Britain have died in similar circumstances. Six young lives lost, and countless people injured in streets, public parks and gardens across the country, by dogs — wild animals in all but name — under the command of owners like ‘Shovi’ King.

Neither King nor anyone else will face criminal charges because the attack on Keiron took place on private property. So the only comeuppance ‘Shovi’ will get is being ‘named and shamed’ in this article, if indeed it is possible for him to feel any shame. That is debatable considering his outpourings on his Facebook site, on which he and his ‘followers’ discussed the events of last Sunday.

So what did he have to say about the attack on Keiron, which may leave him permanently scarred? The answer is there, in barely-literate text speak,

‘I couldn’t give a tossss,’ King wrote.

'Like father, like son': Garfield King, whose 15-year-old son Shovell said he 'couldn't give a toss' that his dog had savaged little Kieron‘Like father, like son’: Garfield King, whose 15-year-old son Shovell said he ‘couldn’t give a toss’ that his dog had savaged little Kieron

He DID feel sympathy, though, for his beloved Ratty, who was subsequently put down.

‘Swear this worlds f*****,’ he declared. ‘If I trespassed on a police dog’s territory I would get attacked and thats what my dog did ’n’ got put down? don’t have kids if you aint supervising them, nuff said.’

This from a boy, not yet 16, whose own father allowed him to take charge of such a dangerous dog and who, it seems, did little to stop him roaming the estate with his intimidating ‘pet’.

Perhaps it is a case of ‘like father, like son’ if an incident which occurred shortly after details of Keiron’s ordeal emerged is anything to go by. Understandably, the Press was anxious to speak to Garfield King, who, it turned out, had been watching the Jubilee celebrations on TV when Keiron was mauled.

One local reporter was invited inside Mr King’s home. Initially, he was happy to answer questions. His mood suddenly changed, though, after he received a phone call and he became aggressive and began menacingly slapping the palm of one hand with the back of the other.

When the journalist tried to leave, Mr King blocked his way. ‘I thought he was going to attack me,’ the reporter said. He escaped only after being forced to rip out the pages of his notebook and hand them over. Mr King said later, however, that he felt ‘terrible’ about the attack on his young neighbour.

‘Shovi’ King is believed to be the youngest of Garfield King’s offspring. He has at least four other children (Shovi’s half-siblings) by a number of different women. Although a painter and decorator by trade, no one in Swanage Walk, where he has lived for the past decade, can remember him working in recent memory.

An older son, Jonathan, from  London, is now staying at the house. No sooner had he arrived on the scene than he was involved in an ugly confrontation in the street with Keiron’s grandfather over what had happened.

Jonathan King, shaven-headed, dressed in black and sporting dark sunglasses, could not have looked more intimidating.

‘Everyone knows each other on this estate,’ said one resident, ‘but most people keep their distance from them [the King family].’ Keiron’s family, on the other hand, could not be more different. They moved into the street about a year ago. Mr Guess is a scaffolder. His wife is pregnant with their third child. Both sets of grandparents live nearby.

They epitomise the fundamental decency that, once upon a time, used to characterise streets like Swanage Walk. Increasingly ‘working class’ is being replaced by ‘underclass’.

‘Shovi’ King, many might say, represents the latest generation of this underclass. This is the wider narrative behind the near-fatal mauling of Keiron Guess and so many other attacks.

There was a 39 per cent rise in the number of people sentenced for dangerous dog crimes in just a year, up from 855 in 2009 to 1,192 in 2010, the latest figures available.

But more than 6,000 people, however — around 17 per day — were treated at A&E departments for dog attack wounds in 2010/11, which suggests that the majority of culprits are going unpunished. This tallies with a recent survey on crime which found that people’s fear of dog-wielding ‘hoodies’ outweighed their concerns about graffiti or burglary.

Aggression: Two pit bull-style dogs seen leaping up at Shovell King's house near to where Keiron was attacked

Aggression: Two pit bull-style dogs seen leaping up at Shovell King’s house near to where Keiron was attacked

For many ‘hoodies’ the dog of choice is the Staffordshire bull terrier. Sometimes they are put on treadmills and hung from trees by their teeth to bulk up their muscles and strengthen their bite before being used for street  fighting, where friends or rivals set their dogs on one another to see which is the toughest.

Most are simply kept as must-have accessories, status symbols. Either way, they usually end up being utterly brutalised by their irresponsible owners and, in the process, become a threat to anyone who may happen to unwittingly stray into their path; no less dangerous than a gun or a knife, yet, paradoxically, harder to control.

Such dogs — not just Staffordshire bull terriers, of course, but also Rottweilers, mastiffs and other fearsome breeds — have become a horrific feature of modern Britain; terrorising neighbourhoods, inflicting injury, killing pets, and sometimes people.

There have been eight such fatalities in the past four years — six of them, as we have already said, were children. It is a truly shameful statistic. Among them was Ellie Lawrenson, aged five from Merseyside, who was bitten 72 times by an American pit bull in 2007.

Pit bulls were outlawed under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act. But the breed, or at least their closest genetic cousins, can be bought with ease on the internet. They are advertised as ‘pure American Staffordshire terriers’. One such advert on a specialist puppy website yesterday read: ‘Pure American Staffordshire Terrier … very healthy, strong and big.’

Scene: An alleyway behind Swanage Walk in Swindon, where the attack happened last weekScene: An alleyway behind Swanage Walk in Swindon, where the attack happened last week

A similar one was placed by Steve from Hull who wanted £350 for his American Staffordshire. When contacted by the Mail, he said that although his dog ‘is related to the American pit bull, they are different breeds. American pit bulls are bred for fighting and aggression and as such they are dangerous dogs, but my dog is bred to be a family pet’.

Other adverts did not even try to disguise the pit bull ‘connection’. It’s regarded as a selling point, after all, by some some customers. One ‘nine-week-old chunky, male, Staffy cross American bull’ was being sold ‘because it doesn’t get on’ with the owner’s other dog. Yet, the seller insists, it is safe ‘around children’.

Under Section One of the aforementioned law, a dog is classified as a ‘pit-bull-type’ if it has the ‘substantial’ physical characteristics of an American pit bull terrier including the thickness of the cranium and the size of the neck.

In practice, the animal has to be anaesthetised and 32 parts of its body examined before police can prosecute the owner. Thus many pit bulls are still on streets up and down the country — passed off as Staffordshire bull terriers.

Back in Bristol, Keiron Guess is now in a stable condition and is breathing unaided after initially being placed in a medically-induced coma. He has squeezed his mother’s hand for the first time since being admitted. His favourite Peppa Pig cuddy toy is by his side.

Horror: The attack happened while Keiron was being looked after by his grandfather in Swanage Walk (above)

Horror: The attack happened while Keiron was being looked after by his grandfather in Swanage Walk (above)

‘He’s been so brave,’ said his  grandfather, Shaun Leonard, this week. ‘He is stable now and his parents are at his bedside. They are both coping well.’

Following the rise in attacks, the Sentencing Council for England and Wales has recommended that judges take a tougher line on those convicted of offences under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The new guidelines, introduced last month, will mean more offenders  facing jail and fewer will receive discharges. The guidelines suggest the  punishment for owners who let their dogs attack people should be up to six months in prison, even if no one is injured.

Crucially, the Sentencing Council is also moving to close a loophole in the law which has prevented dog owners being prosecuted for a dog attack on someone unlawfully if it was on their own property.

It is this ‘loophole’ that prevented any member of the King family from being charged with an offence.

‘Shovi’ King’s shocking comments on Facebook, while Keiron was undergoing surgery, won approval from many of his friends who chose to indicate that they ‘liked’ them.

Only one friend, a girl called Sophie Ash, was brave enough — and decent enough — to challenge him.

Responding to his claim that if he had ‘trespassed on a police dog’s territory’ he would have been attacked, she told him: ‘Difference is, police dogs are trained to bite criminals, not bite innocent little boys! You should feel guilty.’

Later, she added: ‘Clearly it is Shovi’s fault when it’s his f****** dog.’

Is there anyone, apart from Shovell King and his sick cronies, who would disagree with her?

Additional reporting:  Tim Stewart and Nic North

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2156652/Keiron-Guess-A-devil-dog-called-Ratty-maimed-boy-owner-toss.html#ixzz1xJUGMOlU

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