Right Wing blog supporting various patriot groups like the Casuals, MFE, UBA, British Patriots Society , SDL and EDL. If unhappy with any article posted on here, feel free to jog the fook on.

This is our country and its about time you lefties realised that fact. We wont be silenced by you tyoing bullshit and we wont respond to it and give you the attention you so obviously crave. Any lefty comments will be placed in spam so further attempts will fail. Also any threats of violence you attempt to post in order to make us look bad will also be spammed.




2 responses to “About

  1. Margaret Walker is back in court this Friday at Fareham Magistrates Court at 9am as the State seeks to censor pensioners from raising awareness about politically incorrect issues.

    At the initial hearing we had around 30 demonstrators from various patriotic groups who put ideological differences aside on the day to come together in support of a disabled 73 year old lady who dared to question the political elite about the handling of the grooming cases and that of Charlene Downes in particular. Charlene’s Mum, Karen, made the trip down from Blackpool in support of Margaret which was really touching.

    The Pompey/Saints rivalry is a particularly nasty one, but these differences were put on hold in defence of the core belief in freedom of speech and the right to hold our democratically elected representatives accountable for their actions.

    Join us.

  2. GeertWildersForPresident

    Well said, is time to fight. One sided tolerance is not tolerance.

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