Hate Groups

MDL – Muslim Defence League

Not much of an organised group, just an umbrella name for hate filled Muslim youths who try to attack stragglers at or around EDL demonstrations. Notably missing when Casuals or NWI/CXF hold demos as they are basically cowards who want to either stand behind police shouting “I f@cked ya mother” or doing that two fingered “shoot you” thing while shouting “BRAP BRAP”.  Often found laughing at British soldiers deaths in Afghanistan. (See pic)

UAF – Unite against Fascism

A rather pathetic protest group who call counter demos every time EDL are doing a demo. They do this because they know it increases the potential for confrontation, will double the policing bill (which they then moan about, saying “its disgusting how much these demos are costing the taxpayer”) and they hope EDL or other groups will try to attack them to prove that the patriots are actually thugs. On every demo where there has been no counter by UAF there has been no trouble. Its not rocket surgery. They often call for marches to be banned and when any group protests against Muslim grooming gangs they will turn up in small numbers and shout abuse from across the road as they basically want to protect the right of their beloved Muslims to groom and rape children. Often they will chant “allahu akhbar” while stood with Muslim thugs and are known to be caught seig heiling in a bid to get patriots the blame.

Expose/Slatedl and the Twittertwats

Basically the same small group of agorophobic pissheads who mostly spend all day every day twittering lies and half truths and scrawling through facebook, where they have many, many fake profiles and claim to be exposing racism and violence. Most of what they screenshot and post is peoples personal details, innocent conversations which they take the piss out of and they often take the piss out of the way people look and call people slag, chavs, scum, fat etc even though amonst them are ex EDL people like Chris Chubbz License whos a 26 stone ginger virgin, and Darcy pictured below. She looks like Perry off of Kevin and Perry. Not exactly candidates for beautifulpeople.com

Hope not hate

Hope Not Hate, an Anti British communist group which is run by Nick Lowles and Matthew Collins. Both Collins and Lowles claim to be veteran far right activists. Matthew Collins was involved in the BNP and the National Front in the 1990`s Collins established himself as an agent provocateur involved in attempting to push other Nationalists into commiting acts of violence. The National Front decided to expel Collins, as the NF wanted to remain as a political party that entered elections, Other NF members condemned Collins as a complete idiot. Collins then joined combat 18 where he was actively involved in organising attacks against immigrants and left wing campaigners, some of these attacks were extremely sadistic. It later emerged that Collins was a special branch/police agent, this is why he was confident of no charges being brought against himself. Collins was also passing information onto the Anti British organisation Searchlight. Eventually Collins had to move out of Britain due to his police informant activities. His special branch bosses paid for a new life in Australia, and Collins later took part in a documentary on the far right in Britain in which Collins claimed that it was too dangerous for him to return to the UK. In a strange twist of fate a couple of years after the documentary was made Collins decided to return to the UK to live, he has not been attacked since his return to the UK, this was an exaggeration by Collins. Collins continues to provoke the political right in Britain and on certain occasions Collins has even laughed at Nationalists being violently attacked by left wing protesters. Matthew Collins has also taken part in interviews for the national press in which he claimed that Anders Breivik was connected to the EDL, without any evidence. Collins writes a blog on the Hope Not Hate site called “the insiders” blog.

Nick Lowles also runs the Hope Not Hate site, Lowles who is half Mauritian claims to be a former right wing activist and also joined the BNP as an undercover agent. Lowles was once stripped nude by combat 18 supporters to see if he had been circumcised. Lowles claims to be concerned about racism, but never condemns violence against whites by ethnic minorities. Lowles is propped up by certain television personalities including the “actor” Michael cashman who “played” the part of collin in East enders. Lowles also appears to have influence with main stream journalists. Lowles was linked with searchlight, but the two groups have now split due to Lowles wanting more money for his Anti British activities.


An internet activist who targetted so called fascist groups including the BNP and the EDL and the casuals united group. The individual responsible for the UK FIGHTBACK/BNP INFO youtube channels was also responsible for numerous channels and frequently wrote articles for indymedia. UK FIGHTBACK became the butt of jokes and was known as “UK CAN`T FIGHTBACK”. A typical UKFB posting or video usually contained images of toplessNazis from Swansea combat 18 who were banned from attending EDL demos. The name Neil Lees was attributed to UKFB but also Nick Lowles was named as being UKFB. One EDL supporter stated that UKFB videos were like status quo songs in that they were all the same. UKFB also had a morbid fixation with Jeff Marsh from the casuals group, UKFB would frequently blame Marsh for numerous activities throughout the UK. Within the past year UKFB has disappeared from the internet and is currently on the missing persons list

Socialist “workers” party.

Socialist workers party are an ultra left wing group that claim to represent ordinary working class people but really it is a front for extreme Marxist politics, both Weyman Bennett and Martin Smith are on the Socialist workers party committee. The SWP was formed in 1977 by “Tony Cliff” who was in reality an Israeli called Ygael Gluckstein. The political left in the 1970`s was pro zionist due to a number of zionists representing the movement and funding it. When the Rock against Racism campaign was launched in the 1970`s the SWP viewed this a potential for mass recruitment. In 1977 the SWP had carried out a “successful” protest against a National Front march in which bricks and iron bars were thrown at the NF and the police, a bottle containing acid was also thrown at the NF by SWP supporters. The SWP also used to enter areas populated by ethnic minorities in an attempt to use them as a fighting force against what they perceived as fascists. The SWP`s Street wing was called the Anti Nazi League who were involved in a number of violent assaults against Nationalists,usually the NF, the more openly Nazi group the British Nationalist Socialist Movement was not targetted by the ANL/SWP.

In 1979 SWP members attacked a madness concert stabbing anyone who was dressed as a skinhead, the people who were attacked were not Nazis but ordinary teenagers who had no political involvement. A considerable amount of damage was caused to the concert hall, even the punk band crass stated the ANL/SWP were as bad as the actual Nazis and refused to associte with them, Sham 69 and The Clash did support the ANL. The SWP faction that was involved in the attack later formed Red Action.

One individual who was an active member of the ANL/SWP was Dennis Nilsen, a necrophiliac serial killer, who`s real name is Dennis Moksheim, Nilsen admitted murdering 15 people. The fact that Nilsen was an SWP activist was generally kept out of the mainstream media.

The SWP nowadays is a joke with very limited support, even other left wing groups avoid the SWP and view them as false. Although the SWP`s main obsession is class, and being working class, but very few SWP members are working class, many of them are mainly from semi middle class backgrounds and university type educational backgrounds


The C.R.E was originally founded by the race relations act which has now been replaced by the equality act. The aims of the CRE was to promote intergration and remove racism and harrassment, and promote are more fair and decent society. This in theory would sound like a good idea, but in reality the CRE was an ultra left wing group that if anything actually discriminated against native ethnic Britons. The CRE was actively involved in Anti BNP campaigns and one CRE commissioner Trevor Phillips spoke out against the BNP.

The commission seemed obsessed with racism by Whites against ethnic minorities, but completely ignored reports of extreme violence against White people in places such as Oldham and Burnley that were perpetrated by local Muslims. This resulted in 2001 race riots.

The CRE also played a part in turning the police force into a political group rather than being based on maintaining law and order. Numerous officers then became more cautious of arresting ethnic minorities due to the fear of being branded racist, if an organisation was considered racist than the CRE could take them to court, this proved that the CRE was a powerful organisation. The British National Party was taken to court for having a Whites only policy, the party was then forced to accept people of Black and Asian heritage. At the same time numerous organisations such as Black police officers association and the Black film festival which have a Black`s only policy have not been targetted by the CRE. The CRE also accepts and permits Black History month, but at the same time any suggestion of a White history month would be condemned as being evil and racist.

The CRE has done nothing to promote intergration as it supports groups that cater for ethnic minorities only which is counter productive to the myth that the CRE wants intergration. The CRE is viewed as being an Anti White hate group rather than a so called equality group.


2 responses to “Hate Groups

  1. Lowles also likes to masquerade as an expert in football hooliganism. Take a look at one of his books and see if you can spot any factual writing in it!

  2. I like to think I may have helped to contribute to Lees’ departure.

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