Old lady arrested for writing letters regarding #Charlene Downes murder #edl #blackpool

URGENT Help needed at Fareham Magistrates Court, Hampshire 9am on 22nd June

Wed, 13/06/2012 – 19:15
Share thisHeavy handed tactics by police is increasing – disabled 73 year old lady summoned to court and threatened with an ASBO for merely writing letters! By Mike Whitby-North West Regional Organiser-Just lately, the police have stepped-up their bullying tactics, and are now targeting individuals instead of groups or parties.

They are calling to people’s homes and threatening them with various scare tactics.

An appalling example of police bullying is that of Mrs Margaret Walker, a 73 year old disabled lady, in Fareham, Hampshire.

Margaret has been following the Charlene Downes case very closely and she has been writing letters to councillors and MP’s to draw their attention to the circumstances of what has happened to Charlene.

And yesterday, the police visited Margaret’s home and told her that she MUST attend Fareham Magistrates Court at 9.30am, on Friday 22nd of June, to face a charge of Anti-Social Behaviour.

They gave her a folder, which included copies of some letters she has sent to politicians, which contained information that has been reported in newspapers and on the British National Party website.

By now, you MAY be thinking; “Margaret must be a tough and demonic woman!”

But you would be completely WRONG. She is a very polite and soft spoken elderly lady, with adisability.

But she is also a very strong patriot and passionately supportive of the ‘Justice for Charlene’ campaign.

Margaret politely invited the police officers into her home, oblivious to their Trojan Horse tactics, and made them welcome, because that is how most British people used to treat police officers – politely and with respect.

In hindsight, she now realises that it was a mistake to invite anti-British PC’s into her home.

I have suggested that, in future, she should put the chain on the door and refuse entry, or to flatly refuse to engage with these thugs.

Although, some of these snakes may still slither under the door, or smash it down, as they did at my home!

Margaret has nobody to help her, so I hope our Southern friends will get in touch with her and rally round to help.

We need to have someone in the court with her, and have a demo outside, to ensure that everyone in the Fareham area gets to know about the disgusting tactics of the Hampshire police.

We MUST stand up to these Thugs-In-Uniforms and show them that we will not be cowed by their threats and intimidation, and we will NEVER give up on our struggle to regain our country!

Please register your disgust,politely but firmly to

Fareham Police Station

Quay Street, Fareham, PO16 0NA

Central number Tel:             0845 045 45 45

Thank you for your help.



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6 responses to “Old lady arrested for writing letters regarding #Charlene Downes murder #edl #blackpool


  2. tony bexley

    casuals south are on the case

  3. tomparker

    That’s awful. Elderly people should be able to do what they want…This is irritating and heartbreaking..

  4. What I remarkable Police State Will leave; An Agency of Government At Work on a Old age Pensioner; You will be after the genera-tics Next,
    Arresting a 73 Years old Lady; For Standing up for the Rights of a Little Girl that disappeared under the most distressing Circumstances by the Vile Muslim Scum that has been let into this Country By The masters You Serve!!! Feel Happy about that Do We Brave Police Men when your like a Pack of Dogs Armed up to the Teeth;This Lady is Defending the rights of Children our You!! How does it Feel to except your Wages from the peoples you condemn and suppress them and abuse them this Way.
    Your Image of the Police Force in Great Britain is very much tarnished.
    And much to be desire in many areas.

  5. Janice Kent

    This is one of the reasons I would never return to my beloved London and prefer to stay in Italy where at least you know that the police are on the side of the law abiding citizens

  6. Margaret was given an interim ASBO on Friday and is due to return before Fareham Magistrates Court on Friday 20th July. Please do all you can to come to the court to support her and the basic human right of being able to contact a democratically elected representative.

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