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The Commie “journalist” who has not a shred of respect in her body #edl

Meet the little Commie who ripped up Lee Rigby flowers in #Sheffield #edl


We’d like to introduce to you Sarah Ann Marshall of Sheffield. Sarah sees herself as a budding journalist and works at Doncaster Free Press.


A few weeks back the EDL and members of the public intended to lay flowers and a wreath at Sheffield Cenotaph in honour of Drummer Lee Rigby but when they got there they were met by a bunch of left wing lunatics and foaming Jihadis that prevented the wreath laying from taking place. Before the EDL got there members of public had already been and laid flowers in honour of Drummer Lee Rigby. In the video below you can see Miss Marshall (the one prancing about in the sunglasses) rejoicing in the fact that her and these lunatics had gone on to take the flowers that had been laid for Lee Rigby and then proceeded to tear them to pieces and throw them about the place. What kind of human beings are these? What kind of people are Doncaster Free Press employing? Ring them and ask them. If Miss Marshall is not dealt with we will be outside Doncaster Free Press until she is.

Heres the video 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5enat_qz_QI  At 0:13 seconds she is seen throwing flowers. Commies say we have made this up. See with your own eyes

Here’s the Doncaster Free Press number 01302347266

Here’s their email editorial@doncastertoday.co.uk

Heres their Facebook page

Heres Sarahs Facebook profile https://m.facebook.com/sarah.a.marshall.9?__user=100001237783014

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Commie trolls shitting it when their pals get exposed and try to give Diddyman counselling #edl

Its almost like she cares about him lol

Its almost like she cares about him lol

good answer

good answer


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Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood happening under our noses #edl #bnp #ukip

Click link for video


Enoch Powells rivers of blood happening under our noses

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New Patriot Group the English Volunteer Force #EVF #cxf #nwi #edl #uaf

The EVF is a patriotic counter-Jihad street protest movement opposed to Militant Islam and the extreme left. Our goal is to unite  all Counter Jihad groups under the umbrella of EVF without the false pandering to gay groups and Israel. We will steadfastly launch a twin pronged attack against our enemies and never look back. For our country, for our people. No Surrender.





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Reblogged – Welcome to Communist Britain #edl

England’s New Totalitarian Police Force

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England’s New Totalitarian Police Force

Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech died in Walthamstow on September 1st 2012. This was the date that Britain officially became a Police State.

After weeks of negotiation between the English Defence League and police liaison officers our democratic right to hold a peaceful outdoor meeting was trampled on by Britain’s ruling totalitarian class.

Whether this was due to police incompetence or politicised senior policemen taking their orders from David Cameron’s government is unclear, but the end result was the same – democracy died.

The EDL meeting had been arranged well in advance. Tommy Robinson, Kevin Carrol and Paul Weston  were scheduled to speak. Hundreds of supporters from all around the country had made the sacrifice of time and money to travel to London to hear them.

But the British police had other ideas. An advance team from the EDL arrived early in the day and set up the speaking platform, generators and PA system. The three speakers also arrived early with a small security team of six men.

The total number at the speaking area numbered twelve men and three women. The police then allowed a growing number of Muslims and UAF to assemble at a distance of only twenty feet from us.

As their numbers grew, so did their violence. When there were about 200-300 of them  the violence began in earnest. Bottles, bricks, sticks and coins started coming down on us. The faces of the so called religion of peace and their leftist Useful Idiots were contorted in hate and blood lust.

Then they charged the police lines. Our small contingent backed up against the railings and waited for the inevitable. No matter how well trained the security team was, there was little to be done against hundreds.

But the police line held,  just. After the first attempt to lynch us had been temporarily held back, Kevin Carrol asked the senior police officer present why this was violence was allowed; why nobody had been arrested and why all the cameras present were trained on us under a barrage of bottles and bricks rather than on the people actually throwing them.

The officer replied it was “unsafe” to arrest anybody in such a hostile environment!  But the hostile environment was entirely of their own making in allowing such numbers of clearly violent people to get so close to us.

Meanwhile, the main EDL contingent, numbering between  400-500 had been kettled in a side street about 1,000 feet from  us.

As the Islamic/ leftist alliance tried to break through the police line again, we were told the situation had become uncontrollable and the meeting was cancelled. We were then escorted away from the stage and down to the main EDL contingent.

At this point the police officer in overall control informed the EDL ranks that the meeting was off, that they would be escorted back to the tube station or face immediate arrest. Rather than turning on the police this is exactly what the peaceful EDL boys did.

The three speakers plus the security team were escorted out of Walthamstow in the two vehicles they had arrived in, but not before the UAF photographed the number plates. The police refused to confiscate the film, despite knowing the security implications of addresses linked to the owners’ names.

The main EDL contingent were then kettled for several hours without water or toilets, including one pregnant woman who was clearly in physical distress but who was told in no uncertain terms that she was not going anywhere to throw up.

After several hours EVERYONE was then searched for “offensive weapons” and had their personal details noted by the police. Many were arrested and taken to various parts of London where they were then “de-arrested” and told to make their own way home.

This did not happen in Nazi Germany nor Communist Russia. It happened here, in London, in England.

Our democratic right to Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of speech were removed from us.

The police allowed a small group of us to be attacked with potentially deadly bricks and bottles for over an hour.

The police didn’t arrest a single person carrying out these acts of violence.

The police kettled a peaceful group of EDL supporters for hours and withheld water and toilet facilities.

The police arrested many of them on false grounds and then “de-arrested” after taking them to various parts of London.

Why was this done?

It seems pretty clear to me. Whilst Muslims and leftists can behave with criminal impunity, the EDL has come under serious attack from the State via the police. They will close us down by any means possible, no matter that in doing so they breach our democratic rights, Human  Rights and even  more to the point acted ILLEGALLY. False imprisonment and a blatant disregard to upholding law and order in a politically biased manner are matters of great concern.

England has become a very unpleasant place. It is now a Police State. If you disagree with the prevailing opinion you can be attacked by those who disagree with you and the only people who will be arrested will be you.

This is an appalling situation. The London Metropolitian Police behaved not just in a shameful manner – they behaved in a real, totalitarian Police State manner. These are dangerous times. If peaceful protest against a serious and growing threat is removed from the people, then the people will eventually protest violently.

And if we do, we will be imprisoned. Which I think is the deliberate intention. David Cameron and his police enforcers have now officially declared war against their own people.

There will be many who read this who will say “so what, we disagree with you so we don’t care”. Well, you should care. When the State becomes totalitarian  it does not stop there. Everybody suffers eventually. If you believe in democracy and freedom you should start to demand answers as to why the police were allowed to behave in this fashion and EXACTLY WHO gave them the orders to do so.

Two final points. First, the EDL leadership spent all night on their mobile phones trying to sort out transport for EDL supporters stranded in London. Second, the EDL rallying cry is “No Surrender” and the whole point of the police behaviour in Walthamstow was to force you to surrender via intimidation and inconvenience.

Our future is threatened in a truly terrible way. Don’t let intimidation and inconvenience force you into defeat. Our immediate ancestors died for this country. We are entering the early stages of another confrontation and you must not allow our treacherous elites to intimidate you.

No Surrender really means No Surrender. They are not just words. We are not going away. We are not going to give in. We are not going to be defeated.  WE ARE NOT GOING TO SURRENDER.


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#Brierfield pervert jailed #edl #burnley #walthamstow #sheffield

Sexual predator from Brierfield is jailed for four years

Rasujl AbdullahRasujl Abdullah

Published on Tuesday 28 August 2012 14:15


A “MENACING sexual predator” who targeted two women in a Burnley nightclub and molested a young mum he locked in his home is behind bars for four years.


Rasul Abdullah attacked the first two victims within minutes on the same night in Pharoah’s in November, 2011. He was bailed last December, and struck again in January after inviting the third woman, who had her baby with her in a pram, into his home and keeping her there against her will. He denied any indecent behaviour when questioned by police.

Burnley Crown Court had heard how Abdullah, an Iraqi national, still claimed he was innocent of the crimes, even though be was unanimously convicted by a jury, after a trial.

The defendant (31), of Cambridge Street, Brierfield, had been found guilty of assault by penetration and two counts of sexual assault. He was ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life and was given a 10-year sexual offences prevention order, banning him from entering or remaining anywhere licensed for the consumption of alcohol on the premises, between 11pm and 8am. The defendant, said to have infinite leave to remain in this country, had no previous convictions.

The court was told Abdullah put his hand up both the victims’ dresses in the club in the early hours, leaving them shocked and upset. The first woman had noticed the defendant staring at her from the dance floor. The second victim was able to identify him as he came out of the ladies’ toilets. Abdullah was arrested, but denied touching either of the women.

Mr Joe Boyd (prosecuting) said the third victim had spoken to Abdullah in passing on a couple of occasions and he invited her into his home as she passed his door. He then immediately locked her and the infant in, tried to get her to sit on his lap, grabbed her arms, tried to kiss her and then fondled her. The woman tried to push the defendant off and she escaped when he eventually unlocked the door.

The hearing was told that, after her ordeal, the first victim found her personality had changed. She became almost agoraphobic and afraid to go out with friends.

Mr Martin Hackett (for Abdullah) said: “I concede at the outset that clearly there has to be a custodial sentence. These were very unpleasant offences.” The barrister added the assault by penetration was a violation of the victim by the defendant. He added: “It’s something that will stay with her for a considerable period of time, I accept that.”

Sentencing, Recorder Nick Clarke told Abdullah he had listened to the trial with great care and had seen and heard the victims give evidence before the jury.

The judge continued: “I saw for myself the impact these offences had. I have no doubt you were a sexual predator who took opportunities to impose yourself on each of the three separate victims. At the time you were clearly out of control and were certainly a menace to the women you targeted.”

After the case, Detective Constable David Greenwood commended the “professionalism” shown by the staff of Pharoah’s on the night of the attacks. He said the manager, Shaun Grogan, detained Abdullah at the scene and held him until police arrived. The officer continued: “Without the involvement of the staff and their actions, the likelihood is this man may have gone untraced and unpunished.”

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Another half baked attempt to fool the public over illegal immigration #edl #nwi #bnp #uaf

See link below. Does anyone actually believe a word this Government say? This “crackdown” includes giving Registrars the power to stop a wedding if they think its a sham. Most wont bother as its not worth the hassle and whats in it for them? Do you want to be a Registrar telling a couple assembled with all their friend that you wont marry them as you smell a rat? Of course not, you’d keep quiet for an easy life. Also talk of hassling Universities over the massive amount of foreign students who don’t attend classes they are enrolled on. Last week she was saying she was going to crack down on overstayers by writing to them and telling them to hand themselves in. Criminals don’t hand themselves in because they get a nasty letter telling them to. This is not a crackdown. Its newspaper headlines from a controlled press to make the ignorant sit around saying “They are cracking down on illegal immigrants, about time”, when in reality its just so much hot air.

A Commander of the Met once said there were over a million illegal immigrants in London alone, but he couldn’t do much about it as it would “close down the restaurant trade overnight”. So obviously if we did get rid of them, there would be a lot of jobs for those people entitled to be here. Its not rocket salad. Then there’s the fact that 123 kids were stabbed to death in London last year, most of the victims and ALL of the attackers were non white, with large numbers of the attackers being illegal immigrants. Foreign gangs control the drug trade in most cities and in a system where the authorities don’t even know who is supposed to be here and who isn’t is it any wonder that gangsters from other countries come here to pray on us? Turkish mafia, Armenian drug gangs, Romanian pickpockets etc etc How many times have you seen people raped, run over or killed by illegal immigrants? This blog is full of the stories. “Asylum seekers” who supposedly cant return home for fear of persecution, but who regularly go on holidays to their country of origin, blatantly taking the piss out of our soft laws.When are the Government going to start protecting our people from foreign criminals? They do nothing. The Border Agency is run by the PCS Union, a Union infested with Communists. They don’t even have a dedicated reporting phone line. They are a farce.

Theresa May knows the British people are angry so she announces these Mickey Mouse “crackdowns”. This is not a crackdown. A crackdown would be, withdrawing our soldiers from phony wars in shitty countries that don’t concern us and using them to forcibly remove anyone who has no right to be here. Forget human rights, those rights never seem to apply to the victims do they? Ferry them all to France, then France deport them and so on until they land back where they came from.  Unless this happens, any talk of a crackdown is just so much nonsense, and the Government are still turning a blind eye while our people are raped and killed. End of rant.




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