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Carlisle sentences – we are under attack like never before


Use link at the bottom of this article to see the video of a supposed “terrifying” attack on a takeaway by people who believed the staff were involved in grooming young girls. (Most of them are – In Blackpool police said out of 23 takeaways 17 were involved in grooming girls) Apart from two of the men in this video, Andrew Ryan and the one who tips a chair over, most of the people involved are guilty of no more than a Section 5 public order offence and some as low as Drunk and Disorderly, a pathetic offence.

Yet because of the massive onslaught against white people by a legal system obsessed with political correctness, they were all jailed, including women with no previous and all for lengthy terms just because they dared abuse immigrants. The Muslim who killed someone in Dewsbury a few weeks ago had less prison than some of these girls have had for shouting, is that right? The four Somali girls in Leicester who kicked Rhea Pages head in had six months SUSPENDED, yet these girls who hit nobody got twelve months INSIDE. Is that fair?

Senior police, the Ministry of Justice, the CPS and Judges are all obsessed with diversity and with smashing white people down at any opportunity they get. Nearly 5000 white people were prosecuted for “hate crimes” last year according to the MOJ, most of them involving name calling, and most, you can bet involving jail sentences. Emma West and other women are being witch hunted for speaking their mind on trains.Again, likely to be jailed for offensive words, while immigrants attack our people and walk free. Police are launching major investigations about people chanting “Youre not English anymore” at Notts Forest and calling it “racist”. Quite clearly we are being persecuted for “thought crime”.

Massive amounts of money and hassle surround British football witchhunts as our players are constantly attacked as “racist” and  John Terry is dropped from his position before even being found guilty of an offence. The murder of Stephen Lawrence is rammed down our throats every day, as if to remind us that as white people we ought to be ashamed of our racist selves.

These politically correct morons are building up a major problem for this country as the more and more you persecute your own people and treat them as racist, the more of them will build up resentment and anger and become “racist”. The rise of all these patriotic groups is and the trouble occurring up and down the country is an early indicator of much bigger problems ahead. As the old saying goes “If you treat people like scum, some of them start acting like scum” and its already happening. These people are massively concerned about appeasing minorities in the interest of “community cohesion”, failing to see that the biggest part of the community is becoming increasingly alienated and hostile. If the people in the Carlisle case werent hardcore racists before they were imprisoned, they surely will be when they come out.

We are still the majority in this country and constantly persecuting us and telling us we are racist  while ignoring our concerns will eventually lead to big problems.



Click below for Carlisle case details and video of “attack” involving no violence for which ALL of them were jailed

Click below for Rhea Page attack involving massive violence for which NONE of them were jailed



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