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Review of #Casualsunited book (reblogged)

Just finished reading this book and although I know the writers well, I still have to say this is a damn good read. Its not at all what you would expect. It tells you how the movement started and how the police, CPS and even Social services piled into Joe (Stabby as the Commies call him lol) and ruined his marriage in an attempt to silence him. There are some excellent photos and news clips which illustrate the point of these movements perfectly. A letter telling someone that he is a “marked man” and that the MET are out to get him. A letter from police telling Joe he will be arrested if he goes to a demo, this is shocking stuff. The book shows examples of harsh treatment of patriots compared to what happens to violent immigrants for the same or even worse charges. The two tier system is shown up and so are massive injustices and abuses of power by the police and CPS. The ten year Asbos which have only ever been used on patriots and not on violent lefties. The splinter groups of the NWI, NEI, CXF and SDL all get a good mention with many pics and the story of how they have disrupted the IRA supporters in Liverpool. It explains the behind the scenes campaigns and the victories the Casuals and other groups have had, often without even leaving their houses. I totally recommend this book.


Book available on the link below



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Reblogged – Why is this country in such a state? #edl #armedforcesday

This is one of the reasons why this country is in the state in which we find it today. Most of the population are distracted. They’rer watching a kids game (football) played by grown men who get paid more than the value of your house each week…. how can that be logical? You’re brainwashed by the controlled main stream media into thinking that sitting in front of a TV set watching other people earning millions is cool.
Since ‘the only way is Essex’ any mug who can afford a new motor now is ordering it in white…lol. If you ever needed proof that TV is there to brainwash you then there it is….lol
The whole country is disengaged from political opinion and process because they’d rather be watching X-factor, sport, reality TV, porn and big brother. Even most of the people who contribute to this blog don’t have a fucking clue. You’re all so blinded by anti-islam and racist fervour that you cant’t see who and what you’re really up against, and that is by design!.

I’m totally against the massive influx of foreigners that we’ve seen flood into this country in the past 50 or so years and all their bullshit customs and religions. But who allowed them in? Who steals most of the money you earn through direct and indirect taxation? Who has de-industrialised this country by taking us into that WTO (world trade organization) and getting rid of most of the well paid jobs in this country and replacing them with minimum wage jobs at Asda? Who sends our young men to die in foreign countries in which we have no legitimate business? Who has handed over British sovereignty to an un-elected unaccountable and unrepresentative foreign government in Brussells? …… Well, it wasn’t Osama Bin Laden, I can assure you.

This country has been hyjacked by a foreign bank cartel. Our politicians are bought and paid for, our military is little more than a force of hired mercanaries doing their bidding and the population is controlled by a tame media. You’ve all fallen for the democratic lie. There has never been real democracy in this country just a two horse race in which both horses are owned by the same people. What does that mean? It means that whoever you vote for, you get more of the same.


Time to take our country back!!!!

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Good luck on Monday the #Brierfield twelve, about to be stitched up for defending themselves #edl

We are with you NFSE

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Ian Austin,Labour MP for Dudley North tries to tell us #Enoch #Powell was wrong LOL is he for real? Does he live in a bubble?

Enoch Powell was wrong

On immigration, the issue that defines him, Enoch Powell was not visionary: he was utterly mistaken, deliberately incendiary, and a dupe of the National Front, writes Ian Austin.

Enoch Powell's speech was dangerous, inflammatory - and wrong

Enoch Powell’s speech was dangerous, inflammatory – and wrong Photo: Rex Features

By Ian Austin

2:20PM BST 22 Jun 2012

On the centenary of his birth this week, we have been told several times about Enoch Powell’s prescience and wisdom. He has been condemned for the last 44 years as a racist, but a campaign to rehabilitate him is under way. A new collection of essays is graced with a foreword by Iain Duncan Smith, and several high-profile columnists have written in praise of him. After recounting his war record, his supporters list the languages he’d mastered, praise the power of his oratory and tell us how he saw the future. But they are wrong, and so was he.

Duncan Smith warmly recounts anecdotes about platforms and journeys they shared, discussing his views on Europe, the nation state and the constitution, before eventually getting to Powell’s notorious speech. He exonerates him of racism, criticising only his “injudicious use of inflammatory language”, but excuses that on the grounds that his “low opinion of Ted Heath distorted his judgement.” In case we’ve not get the message, he gives the last word to Anne Robinson, quoting her description of him as “a worthy hero.”

Their claims that he was not a racist are, as Dorian Lynskey pointed out in the New Statesman this week, undermined by Powell himself asking BBC journalist Michael Cockerill, “What’s wrong with racism? Racism is the basis of nationality.”

The Times was right when it condemned Powell for making “an evil speech” which “appealed to racial hatred.” The Sunday Times said he was spouting “the fantasies of racial purity.” Ted Heath said it was “racialist in tone and liable to exacerbate racial tensions”. Iain Macleod, Edward Boyle, Quintin Hogg and Robert Carr demanded he be sacked from the front bench, promising they’d go if he didn’t.

It is not racist to worry about immigration and its impact on jobs or on scarce public services. I’ve raised my constituents’ concerns about these issues regularly, but the truth is that Powell didn’t just raise worries about immigration. Read what he said.

He claimed a constituent he described as a “a decent, ordinary fellow Englishman” had told him that the country would “not be worth living in”, because “in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man”. He complained his constituents were becoming strangers in their own country, that their wives could not get hospital beds to give birth in, or their children school places. He proposed “generous grants and assistance”, so that immigrants would leave the country. He even predicted race wars, quoting the Aeneid and its “wars, terrible wars”. “As I look ahead,” he said, “I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’.”

And he raised a letter he said he’d received from someone in Northumberland about an elderly woman in Wolverhampton who had become her street’s only white resident and was, he claimed, being harassed each morning by black residents wanting to ring their employers. “She is becoming afraid to go out,” he claimed. “Windows are broken. She finds excreta pushed through her letterbox. When she goes to the shops, she is followed by children, charming wide-eyed piccaninnies.” But Powell had not spoken to the woman: in fact, he’d not even bothered to check whether she was a real person.

Clem Jones, then editor of the Black Country’s evening paper, The Express and Star, and a man of great bravery and integrity, set out to establish the facts. He searched the electoral register and sent his journalists out to pound the streets, but could find no evidence to that the Wolverhampton woman existed.

He was concerned because, a few weeks before, Powell had made a speech in Walsall in which he claimed a constituent had complained that his daughter was the only white child in her class. Jones’ son Nick, the former BBC reporter, says his father’s journalists had been unable to substantiate those claims, and that he warned Powell that he’d been receiving similar anonymous complaints which turned out to be false, and had been traced back to members of the National Front. Powell wouldn’t listen, boasting instead about the bags of letters he’d received in support.

Jones also knew – whatever Powell claimed afterwards or Duncan Smith believes today – that Powell knew in advance exactly what impact his speech would have. He had been a close friend of Powell’s, even advising how to attract publicity for his speeches. In the week beforehand, Powell told Jones he would be making another speech the following Saturday, but refused to tell him what would be in it.

“Look, Clem,” he said, “I’m not telling you what is in the speech. But you know how a rocket goes up into the air, explodes into lots of stars, and then falls down to the ground. Well, this speech is going to go up like a rocket, and when it gets to the top, the stars are going to stay up.” Powell was appealing to the worst racist prejudices, and he knew exactly what he was doing.

Under the headline “Coloured family attacked”, the Times reported that 10 days after the speech a black family’s christening party in Wolverhampton had been attacked by a gang of racist thugs chanting “Powell” and “Why don’t you go back to your own country.” The baby’s grandfather was slashed in the face with a knife. He’d been in Britain 13 years, and said “nothing like this has happened before. I am shattered”.

A few months ago, I was with a group of people when an article they’d read about an asylum seeker came up. “Scum of the earth,” one said, before another replied that “Enoch Powell was right. He was just too clever for them.” I told them what he’d said and why he’d been wrong. But it showed that excusing or minimising what Powell said can encourage abuse and racism elsewhere.

Despite the prejudice his speech encouraged, despite the fact that black people were attacked because of his speech, and despite all the challenges Britain has faced in the 44 years since, the race wars he predicted have not happened.

He might have been able to quote Virgil and speak lots of different languages, but none of his apocalyptic prophecies came true. Despite his paranoia, Britain is a country in which people from different countries, backgrounds and cultures work and live together harmoniously. Iin Britain today what matters is not where you or your parents were born, what you look like, but the contribution you make, the way you behave and what you believe.

So whether it’s in a collection of essays, a newspaper, at work or in a pub, the next time someone tells you “Enoch was right”, tell them the truth: in the speech for which he is remembered, he was utterly wrong.


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#Brighton Commie Tony Greenstein calls #EDL ugly LMFAO “what a liberty”

This is Brighton Commie Tony Greenstein he says on his sh@t blog “the main thing characteristic of the edl in Brighton was beeing fat and UGLY. Now check out his pic. Handsome f@cker aint he? Weve sent him a mirror.

“No Im saying you LOOK like a vicar, a bloody gay vicar or summink”

Zoe xx


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