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#Antifa came out looking for violence at #Bristol #EDL demo and met the Gas Hit Squad

Click links below to see videos of them biting off more than they could chew, bunch of Timothies lol

Holly xx


Wind this one on to 5:08


We go to peacefully demonstrate but you attack us and you will be sorry. Simples


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Reblogged – Why is this country in such a state? #edl #armedforcesday

This is one of the reasons why this country is in the state in which we find it today. Most of the population are distracted. They’rer watching a kids game (football) played by grown men who get paid more than the value of your house each week…. how can that be logical? You’re brainwashed by the controlled main stream media into thinking that sitting in front of a TV set watching other people earning millions is cool.
Since ‘the only way is Essex’ any mug who can afford a new motor now is ordering it in white…lol. If you ever needed proof that TV is there to brainwash you then there it is….lol
The whole country is disengaged from political opinion and process because they’d rather be watching X-factor, sport, reality TV, porn and big brother. Even most of the people who contribute to this blog don’t have a fucking clue. You’re all so blinded by anti-islam and racist fervour that you cant’t see who and what you’re really up against, and that is by design!.

I’m totally against the massive influx of foreigners that we’ve seen flood into this country in the past 50 or so years and all their bullshit customs and religions. But who allowed them in? Who steals most of the money you earn through direct and indirect taxation? Who has de-industrialised this country by taking us into that WTO (world trade organization) and getting rid of most of the well paid jobs in this country and replacing them with minimum wage jobs at Asda? Who sends our young men to die in foreign countries in which we have no legitimate business? Who has handed over British sovereignty to an un-elected unaccountable and unrepresentative foreign government in Brussells? …… Well, it wasn’t Osama Bin Laden, I can assure you.

This country has been hyjacked by a foreign bank cartel. Our politicians are bought and paid for, our military is little more than a force of hired mercanaries doing their bidding and the population is controlled by a tame media. You’ve all fallen for the democratic lie. There has never been real democracy in this country just a two horse race in which both horses are owned by the same people. What does that mean? It means that whoever you vote for, you get more of the same.


Time to take our country back!!!!

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Here are the Communist/Marxist/Anarchist rabble that tried to start a riot in #Brighton #edl

Tony Greenstein

This mouthy tuppencelicker seemed to be the leader (brown hoodie)

Nicked (shame)

This gimp was one of the mouthiest






Now watch the video. The Casuals behaved themselves all day, and simply wanted to make a point that its our country and we wont be intimidated off the streets. This mob though, as you can see from the video were clearly intent on violence. By the looks of them they are LUCKY they couldnt get near the Casuals. Click link to view video.




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#Brighton Commie Tony Greenstein calls #EDL ugly LMFAO “what a liberty”

This is Brighton Commie Tony Greenstein he says on his sh@t blog “the main thing characteristic of the edl in Brighton was beeing fat and UGLY. Now check out his pic. Handsome f@cker aint he? Weve sent him a mirror.

“No Im saying you LOOK like a vicar, a bloody gay vicar or summink”

Zoe xx


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#EDL #Newcastle report

English Defence League clash with anti-jubilee protesters in Newcastle

The English Defence League (EDL) demonstration at Grey's Monument, Newcastle

The English Defence League (EDL) demonstration at Grey’s Monument, Newcastle

POLICE mounted a major operation yesterday after protesters clashed in a city centre confrontation.

Officers were called to Grey’s Monument in Newcastle after English Defence League (EDL) and National Front members stormed the area during an anti-jubilee rally.

Bottles were thrown and pro-republican protesters were escorted away from the scene after pockets of disorder broke out. Last night an organiser of the anti-jubilee group criticised the clashes and claimed a member of his group had suffered injuries.

The teenager, who did not want to be named, said: “We had planned a pro-republican demonstration but the EDL and the National Front and the Infidels charged at the Monument and ripped our banners down.

“Fighting broke out and bottles were thrown and so were firecrackers. One of my friends was injured and had to go to hospital.”

Fierce clashes erupted shortly after 11am yesterday when a planned meeting was circulated on social networking site Facebook.

The “Stuff the jubilee party” was due to start at midday but confrontations broke out before the arrival of all the protesters.

Police mounted an operation to calm the confrontations and more than 25 officers helped bring the situation under control. Following the disruption, members of the EDL unveiled large banners with the phrase ‘EDL North East’ written on it.

Firecrackers erupted and sent loud thuds echoing across the city as shoppers stopped to watch the gathering crowd.

Others logged on to the Facebook group to post comments. A spokesman for Northumbria Police said no arrests were made during the operation.

In 2010, marches by the English Defence League and Unite Against Fascism drew parts of the city centre to a halt as the planned demonstrations closed roads and some businesses.

But major clashes feared by police failed to materialise as uniformed officers formed a ring of steel around the enemy factions.

However, at one stage police intervened to prevent disorder as members of the EDL were confronted by a Unite Against Facism breakaway group.

Read Morehttp://www.journallive.co.uk/north-east-news/todays-news/2012/06/05/english-defence-league-clash-with-anti-jubilee-protesters-in-newcastle-61634-31111675/#.T83gNZEgr7U.twitter#ixzz1wuyM4MeH

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More fun and games with the followers of the “religion of peace” #edl #islam #uaf #brighton

Four terrorists convicted of planning Mumbai-style attack on awards ceremony hosted by newspaper that printed cartoon of Mohammad


PUBLISHED: 14:01, 4 June 2012 | UPDATED: 14:25, 4 June 2012

Four men have been convicted by a Danish court for planning an attack on Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten newspaper, in retaliation for the paper printing offensive cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

The four men, all Muslims resident in Sweden, pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the charges. But, in a unanimous verdict broadcast on Monday morning, Glostrup district court found all four guilty of terrorism.

According to PET, the Danish security service, the men had planned to ‘kill as many people as possible’ by raiding an awards ceremony held by the newspaper. They face up to 16 years in jail when sentenced later on Monday.

Paper target: The Jyllands-Posten newspaper caused outrage when it printed cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in 2005 - and reprinted them in 2008Paper target: The Jyllands-Posten newspaper caused outrage when it printed cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in 2005 – and reprinted them in 2008

Three of the men were seized in a Copenhagen flat in December 2010, along with a machine gun with a silencer, a revolver, 108 bullets, and 200 plastic handcuff strips – with which they were accused of planning an assault similar to the 2008 Mumbai attacks on two five-star hotels.

In the weeks following the arrests, the fourth man was picked up in a flat on the outskirts of Stockholm.

Another man, an Iraqi, was seized in Copenhagen, but was later released.

Retired: Danish newspaper cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who drew the controversial caricatures, remains under constant protectionRetired: Danish newspaper cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who drew the controversial caricatures, remains under constant protection


Worldwide protests: Muslim demonstrators in Britain marched to the Danish embassy in Sloane Square over the offensive cartoonsWorldwide protests: Muslim demonstrators in Britain marched to the Danish embassy in Sloane Square over the offensive cartoons

Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik attended the awards night that was the target of the planned attackDenmark’s Crown Prince Frederik attended the awards night that was the target of the planned attack

Sahbi Zalouti, 37, Munir Awad, 29, and Omar Abdalla Aboelazm, 30, are all Swedish citizens – of Tunisian, Lebanese and Moroccan descent respectively.

The fourth man convicted, 44-year-old Mounir Dhahri, is a Tunisian national.

PET said it seized the men only days before they planned to attack the Sporting Newcomer of the Year event, which was attended by Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik.

Jyllands-Posten has been a terror target since it published 12 satirical cartoons of Mohammed in 2005, breaking a taboo in Islam against depicting its prophet.

The most notorious cartoon showed Mohammad carrying a bomb on his head with a lit fuse, instead of a turban.

The cartoons sparked street protests around the world, leading to the bombing of the Danish embassy in Pakistan, and arson attacks on Danish embassies in Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

In its latest terror threat assessment, released at the end of January, PET argued that the country remained ‘a priority terrorist target among militant Islamists’ – partly because of the newspaper’s decision to reprint the cartoons in 2008.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2154395/Four-men-planned-kill-people-possible-attacking-newspaper-printed-cartoon-Mohammad-guilty-terrorism.html#ixzz1wuvpeBxt

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#EDL demo #Rochdale

EDL demo against Muslim grooming gangs and the failure of Social Services and the police to protect our girls.

Rochdale Saturday 9th June at 11.30am




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