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Reblogged via Suzy – Good luck those in court today at #Preston #brierfield

Good luck on Monday those being stitched up in #Brierfield case #edl


A MASSIVE stitch up is occurring at Preston crown court tomorrow when 11 men and one woman appear on charges of racially aggravated threatening behaviour. The facts of the matter are that after peacefully protesting outside corrupt MEP Sajjid Karims house, they made their way to Brierfield to hand out leaflets and were attacked by 100 Muslim thugs armed with machetes, bats and golf clubs.

The head of NW CPS, being a personal pal of Karim, has it in for these defendants, after Karim lied about them threatening him at his home, which we can prove didnt happen with videos taken on the day. The CPS have done a deal for them all to plead guilty to lesser charges, and the Judge yesterday hinted that he is going to punish them severely, even though all they actually did was defend themselves from a massive attack. Police statements back up the fact that the 100 Muslims were armed, screaming racial comments at the EDL and police and one officer said “normally we would have arrested these people for public order offences but were aware that this would have made the situation worse”. Other officers commented “I was in real fear for mine and my colleagues safety” and “several of the asian youths were armed and shouting racial abuse”.

So they took the easy option, and arrested the whites. after discussions we have decided that should these 12 people be unfairly sentenced on Monday, we are going to demo in Brierfield, and the CPS offices/Court because we simply cannot sit back and allow these injustices to go on. 11 people were jailed at Carlisle, for minor public order offences, NOT involving violence, yet the Somali girls who nearly kicked Rhea Page to death in Leicester did not face jail.

They are jailing white people left right and centre, while allowing immigrants, and especially Muslims, to break the law and get away with it. The CCTV shows many Muslim youths carrying weapons and threatening violence, and we will be publishing stills of these after the case and asking why these people have not been arrested, or the subject of an appeal on Crimewatch. We will also publish parts of the statement weve referred to.

Good luck tomorrow all those in court, you are gonna need it.


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