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#SDL arrests update reblogged by Holly

Police state
11 nationalists were arrested in raids around Scotland this Friday.  

They were taken to Stewart Street Police Station in Glasgow. All were released by midnight last night but were due to appear at Court tomorrow charged with breach of the peace.
A further two people who police had been seeking, voluntarily attended Stewart Street Station today.

<--break->The charges appear to relate to a British National Party demonstration in Glasgow on June 16. Reports indicate that the charges relate to critical chanting against terrorist bombers and pedophiles!

The background to the raids and arrests is interesting. Following a demonstration in Glasgow on 16th June, reported on this site Strathclyde Police came under heavy political fire for allowing it to take place. Their reaction was to panic and order an investigation which was divided into two – one investigating potential criminality on the day and the other their own handling of it. Detective Superintendent Louise Raphael was put in charge.

She decided to arrest patriots and attack their freedom of assembly and expression. She decided to mount dawn raids and arrest people in front of workmates, customers and employers. She decided that Nationalists should be hand-cuffed and, if early reports are true, must bear responsibility for the fact that whilst in custody some were denied legal representation and were only givenmedical attention after long delays.
Louise Raphael also decided to co-operate with the ‘Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees’ in what appears to many to be a politically motivated prosecution. The timing also supports the view that the arrests were politically driven. The British National Party supported by the Scottish Defence League and others were due to demonstrate in Glasgow the day after and it seems clear that this was a coordinated attempt by the politically correct Police to disrupt these plans.
It must also be said that the Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP was led into a supposed “safe area” by the police at Saturdays protest in Scotland, while other patriots were either in custody or prevented from entering the protest area for up to an hour, leaving our Chairman with only his small personal security team and National Treasurer, Clive Jefferson.We find it beyond coincidence that five left wing agitators were the only other people allowed into the protest area were they instantly made a serious attempt to physically attack our Chairman. Only the quick and professional intervention of our volunteer security team prevented a serious assault on the Chairman. This incident in the very centre of hundreds of Scottish riot police and with the other related arrests and disruption of our lawful right to protest is deeply suspicious.
Tomorrow at Glasgow Sheriff Court people with principle will hold their heads high as they are brought before the court for expressing their beliefs and concerns.
Shame on the Strathclyde Police.
Shame on Louise Raphael.
You can register a polite protest with Louise Raphael and tell her not to involve herself in attacks on freedom of expression by calling            0141 533 3093       / 01389822051 or emailing contactus@strathclyde.pnn.police.uk
You can also show solidarity with our brothers by attending Glasgow Sheriff Court on Monday at 1230.
This site will carry updates on the case as it progresses and keep the public informed on the political prostitution of Strathclyde Police.
What is now very clear is that the wave of state persecution of patriots and this attack on our very freedoms of speech, of political expression and right every British citizens right to protest is not isolated to Mersyside and Strathclide Police forces and is indeed a national trend.
We will not be silenced, we will stand firm in the face of this disgraceful abuse of police powers and we will fully support our fellow patriots. We are in urgent need of a fighting fund to allow us to hire the best legal defence for our friends so please make a donation right now to this urgent appeal and together as nationalists we will defend the basic democratic rights of our comrades and the British people.
Yet again the political puppet masters have underestimated the tenacity of our people and of our cause.
Please make your most generous donation NOW by clicking on the link below or by calling             0844 809 4581       between 9.30 am and 6pm.

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#EDL demo #Rochdale

EDL demo against Muslim grooming gangs and the failure of Social Services and the police to protect our girls.

Rochdale Saturday 9th June at 11.30am




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