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Here are the Communist/Marxist/Anarchist rabble that tried to start a riot in #Brighton #edl

Tony Greenstein

This mouthy tuppencelicker seemed to be the leader (brown hoodie)

Nicked (shame)

This gimp was one of the mouthiest






Now watch the video. The Casuals behaved themselves all day, and simply wanted to make a point that its our country and we wont be intimidated off the streets. This mob though, as you can see from the video were clearly intent on violence. By the looks of them they are LUCKY they couldnt get near the Casuals. Click link to view video.





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#EDL #Newcastle report

English Defence League clash with anti-jubilee protesters in Newcastle

The English Defence League (EDL) demonstration at Grey's Monument, Newcastle

The English Defence League (EDL) demonstration at Grey’s Monument, Newcastle

POLICE mounted a major operation yesterday after protesters clashed in a city centre confrontation.

Officers were called to Grey’s Monument in Newcastle after English Defence League (EDL) and National Front members stormed the area during an anti-jubilee rally.

Bottles were thrown and pro-republican protesters were escorted away from the scene after pockets of disorder broke out. Last night an organiser of the anti-jubilee group criticised the clashes and claimed a member of his group had suffered injuries.

The teenager, who did not want to be named, said: “We had planned a pro-republican demonstration but the EDL and the National Front and the Infidels charged at the Monument and ripped our banners down.

“Fighting broke out and bottles were thrown and so were firecrackers. One of my friends was injured and had to go to hospital.”

Fierce clashes erupted shortly after 11am yesterday when a planned meeting was circulated on social networking site Facebook.

The “Stuff the jubilee party” was due to start at midday but confrontations broke out before the arrival of all the protesters.

Police mounted an operation to calm the confrontations and more than 25 officers helped bring the situation under control. Following the disruption, members of the EDL unveiled large banners with the phrase ‘EDL North East’ written on it.

Firecrackers erupted and sent loud thuds echoing across the city as shoppers stopped to watch the gathering crowd.

Others logged on to the Facebook group to post comments. A spokesman for Northumbria Police said no arrests were made during the operation.

In 2010, marches by the English Defence League and Unite Against Fascism drew parts of the city centre to a halt as the planned demonstrations closed roads and some businesses.

But major clashes feared by police failed to materialise as uniformed officers formed a ring of steel around the enemy factions.

However, at one stage police intervened to prevent disorder as members of the EDL were confronted by a Unite Against Facism breakaway group.

Read Morehttp://www.journallive.co.uk/north-east-news/todays-news/2012/06/05/english-defence-league-clash-with-anti-jubilee-protesters-in-newcastle-61634-31111675/#.T83gNZEgr7U.twitter#ixzz1wuyM4MeH

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White football fans seen as “fair game” by the diversity obsessed CPS

Charlton Athletic fans arrested over racist chant allegations

Rob Parsons
25 Jan 2012

Football fans suspected of chanting racist songs on a train back from an FA Cup match were arrested today in a series of dawn raids in south east London.

The Charlton Athletic supporters are accused of chanting “There’s only one Gary Dobson” in reference to the convicted killer of black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

A police investigation was launched after passengers on the train between Putney and Waterloo complained of being intimidated by the group of fans coming back from Charlton’s FA Cup game against Fulham on January 7.

Nine men aged between 20 and 30 were arrested today, in early morning raids in south east London, on suspicion of conspiring to incite racial hatred as part of British Transport Police’s Operation Midas.

The Standard saw officers arrest two men after knocking on the door at a terraced house near Abbey Wood station. It was one of 11 properties raided at 6am.

The men, aged 21 and 23 and both from Abbey Wood, were later led from the house with their hoods over their heads and put into police cars as female relatives looked on from inside the house.

The suspects were identified with the help of officials from the League One side, the use of CCTV footage, and police intelligence reports dealing with racism in football.

Detective Inspector Ashley Cooper, leading the investigation for the British Transport Police, said a small minority of football fans still see disorder as part of the match-day experience, despite efforts to stamp out the problem.

He said: “This minority blights the rail journeys of many ordinary passengers and stain the reputation of the game and the country. They also continue to cause us problems that require significant resources to contain.

“We’ve had great success in dealing with these types of crimes, and serious incidents are on the decline; however, by working closely with clubs, the rail industry, and football authorities, we’re making inroads into tackling the type of anti-social behaviour that can ruin match days for law-abiding fans and members of the public.”

Charlton Athletic chief executive Stephen Kavanagh, who attended this morning’s police raids, said the racist chanting was “abhorrent behaviour” and “totally condemned by our club”. He said: “In addition to assisting the police, for our own part we will be seeking to ban for life anyone who is found guilty of racially offensive chanting.

“We have been a pioneer of anti-racism and anti-discrimination initiatives in football, so although these are isolated incidents and in no way reflect the overwhelming majority of Charlton supporters, these recent arrests are saddening to all those who have worked so hard over many decades.

“We have worked closely with the British Transport Police and the club’s football intelligence officer to identify those responsible, and will continue to do all we can to ensure that racism has no place at our club or in football.”


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Fun video – Commies whinging about being arrested for interfering with a legitimate march



Click about link to watch

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Inside the CPS reblogged from #Casualsunited blog

Inside the Crown Prosecution Service


As we have said many times, the Crown Prosecution Service is not fit for purpose and needs to be scrapped. They are obsessed with “diversity” and will spare no expense at prosecuting white people for even minor criticism of Islam or immigration. How much did this bullshit case cost?


The Liverpool hoteliers who were dragged through court for disagreeing with a Muslimwoman. Its disgusting that the police even bothered arresting them for such a pathetic complaint but even more disgusting that some “pc” moron in the CPS thought there was a realistic prospect of a conviction. If the judge had not seen sense they may be in prison now, and for what?

The zeal they have for prosecuting racial cases does not apply when the suspect is ethnic.


If that graffiti was not racially motivated what is?

Meanwhile Emma West is remanded in custody for having a drunken rant on a train, and the CPS are going after her with a vengeance, but then shes white, so shes fair game.


The CPS failed to prosecute the Leicester Somalis who viciously assaulted a white woman while shouting “kill the white slag”, why?


We get an insight from an email we recieved from an ex employee of the CPS

“Under the direction of the “Director of Diversity” it was decided they could earn brownie points by downgrading all the senior caseworker posts and making them junior posts. Ostensibly this was to cut the wage bill. It also had the effect of getting rid of all part-timers and anybody with a family friendly work pattern. The Family friendly policy was SO last year! Nearly 1000 of us went in the department in the course of a year.  But it had the secondary effect of ridding the department of experienced, mature staff, who were mostly white, because we had been there since the 80s and the junior replacements were recruited with ‘diversity’ criteria in mind. I had got used to not hearing English spoken around me on the tube – during this period I started to find the same thing in the office lift and canteen queue”
The above cases and this from an ex employee PROVE that the CPS has become a politically correct organisation who are clearly not interested in prosecuting anyone for racial offences other than white people. It should be scrapped. End of.
One law for all

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Hello world!

Here we will reblog articles from various patriot groups, you know it makes sense rodders NFSE

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