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Inside the CPS reblogged from #Casualsunited blog

Inside the Crown Prosecution Service


As we have said many times, the Crown Prosecution Service is not fit for purpose and needs to be scrapped. They are obsessed with “diversity” and will spare no expense at prosecuting white people for even minor criticism of Islam or immigration. How much did this bullshit case cost?


The Liverpool hoteliers who were dragged through court for disagreeing with a Muslimwoman. Its disgusting that the police even bothered arresting them for such a pathetic complaint but even more disgusting that some “pc” moron in the CPS thought there was a realistic prospect of a conviction. If the judge had not seen sense they may be in prison now, and for what?

The zeal they have for prosecuting racial cases does not apply when the suspect is ethnic.


If that graffiti was not racially motivated what is?

Meanwhile Emma West is remanded in custody for having a drunken rant on a train, and the CPS are going after her with a vengeance, but then shes white, so shes fair game.


The CPS failed to prosecute the Leicester Somalis who viciously assaulted a white woman while shouting “kill the white slag”, why?


We get an insight from an email we recieved from an ex employee of the CPS

“Under the direction of the “Director of Diversity” it was decided they could earn brownie points by downgrading all the senior caseworker posts and making them junior posts. Ostensibly this was to cut the wage bill. It also had the effect of getting rid of all part-timers and anybody with a family friendly work pattern. The Family friendly policy was SO last year! Nearly 1000 of us went in the department in the course of a year.  But it had the secondary effect of ridding the department of experienced, mature staff, who were mostly white, because we had been there since the 80s and the junior replacements were recruited with ‘diversity’ criteria in mind. I had got used to not hearing English spoken around me on the tube – during this period I started to find the same thing in the office lift and canteen queue”
The above cases and this from an ex employee PROVE that the CPS has become a politically correct organisation who are clearly not interested in prosecuting anyone for racial offences other than white people. It should be scrapped. End of.
One law for all

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