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Another half baked attempt to fool the public over illegal immigration #edl #nwi #bnp #uaf

See link below. Does anyone actually believe a word this Government say? This “crackdown” includes giving Registrars the power to stop a wedding if they think its a sham. Most wont bother as its not worth the hassle and whats in it for them? Do you want to be a Registrar telling a couple assembled with all their friend that you wont marry them as you smell a rat? Of course not, you’d keep quiet for an easy life. Also talk of hassling Universities over the massive amount of foreign students who don’t attend classes they are enrolled on. Last week she was saying she was going to crack down on overstayers by writing to them and telling them to hand themselves in. Criminals don’t hand themselves in because they get a nasty letter telling them to. This is not a crackdown. Its newspaper headlines from a controlled press to make the ignorant sit around saying “They are cracking down on illegal immigrants, about time”, when in reality its just so much hot air.

A Commander of the Met once said there were over a million illegal immigrants in London alone, but he couldn’t do much about it as it would “close down the restaurant trade overnight”. So obviously if we did get rid of them, there would be a lot of jobs for those people entitled to be here. Its not rocket salad. Then there’s the fact that 123 kids were stabbed to death in London last year, most of the victims and ALL of the attackers were non white, with large numbers of the attackers being illegal immigrants. Foreign gangs control the drug trade in most cities and in a system where the authorities don’t even know who is supposed to be here and who isn’t is it any wonder that gangsters from other countries come here to pray on us? Turkish mafia, Armenian drug gangs, Romanian pickpockets etc etc How many times have you seen people raped, run over or killed by illegal immigrants? This blog is full of the stories. “Asylum seekers” who supposedly cant return home for fear of persecution, but who regularly go on holidays to their country of origin, blatantly taking the piss out of our soft laws.When are the Government going to start protecting our people from foreign criminals? They do nothing. The Border Agency is run by the PCS Union, a Union infested with Communists. They don’t even have a dedicated reporting phone line. They are a farce.

Theresa May knows the British people are angry so she announces these Mickey Mouse “crackdowns”. This is not a crackdown. A crackdown would be, withdrawing our soldiers from phony wars in shitty countries that don’t concern us and using them to forcibly remove anyone who has no right to be here. Forget human rights, those rights never seem to apply to the victims do they? Ferry them all to France, then France deport them and so on until they land back where they came from.  Unless this happens, any talk of a crackdown is just so much nonsense, and the Government are still turning a blind eye while our people are raped and killed. End of rant.




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