#EDLNews Jump On The Sickness Bandwagon #casualsunited #sea #nwi #riversofblood #woolwich


WARNING: These pictures will be upsetting to most.
We have plenty of evidence already on this Blog alone of how sick the people at EDLNews are but this now takes the piss.

They have faked a poster and are saying that this poster is being paraded about in Newcastle.

edlnews on the sickness bandwagon 1
I have seen lots of pictures today of the demo in Newcastle. I have not seen this picture. The only place I have seen this picture is on the status above and the 2 posts on EDLNews’s Twitter account.

edlnews on the sickness bandwagon 2edlnews on the sickness bandwagon 3These sick people have been accusing EDL and other groups of “hijacking” this horrific attack for their own political means. BUT they have faked this poster to try to make EDL look bad.

What is wrong with them???
There is NO ROOM for ANYONE to “hijack” this for their own ends! To do so would be sick and disgusting. Yet, here you…

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