#Commies Think Assaults On Lone Women Are Amusing #casualsunited #NWI #wakefield #sea #evf


sick cunts broken jaw 1
sick cunts broken jaw 2
sick cunts broken jaw 3

“We wish this had not happened…”
NOW these scumc*nts are learning what Spin is…

but they Fail here:

who is foaming tho 1sick cunts broken jaw comments 1
If feeling angry and upset that a single mother has been assaulted by a gang while she is in her own home, she sustains a broken jaw, and her children have been scared half to death is “foaming” then…


You are seriously Fucked in the head. You need locking up. SERIOUSLY.
mans face wakefield 1
This is the man with “minor injuries” (above).

assault that didnt happen 1

You fucking scummy sick c*nts. What level of drugs are you on?
And you appease gangs like this, doing what they are doing, ALL BECAUSE THIS WOMAN HAS A DIFFERENT OPINION TO YOURS.

Who are the real Fascists?
comment of the year lol 1See yesterday’s Blog, and the one we wrote earlier too please. NFSE.

sick cunts broken jaw comments 2

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