Do Commies Fake EVERYTHING?! #casualsunited #edl #SEA #nwi #mfe


Maybe we should ask the females? On second thoughts though, let’s not! LOL

I logged into here yesterday to be greeted with massive foaming by commies who didn’t like our previous Blog, and were very upset that their comments hadn’t been accepted Right Away (they always forget that, contrary to the shit they spout about us, we are not constantly glued to our computers and most of us have jobs or better things to do than sit indoors online in lovely weather like this).

Here are some of the comments anyway, they are very funny. The particular idiot calling themselves “myshitbox” (how apt LOL) has forgotten that “Yo Momma” insults are an immediate Fail.
commies crappy comments 2“Myshitbox”, tantrum much???
While you were foaming at your keyboard, posting these rants one after the other, I personally was sat at home with friends, computer off, enjoying a drink and having a laugh. The other…

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