The #Slatedl Admin Is Sick In The Head #casualsunited #edl #mfe #SEA #nwi


slated nurse deserved it 1

Couldn’t make the scum up.

They reckon it’s her own fault for standing there. Did they not read THE NEWS ARTICLE?
It said she was there by accident, and was stood there by coincidence as she went to the seafront to meet a friend. We wrote yesterday how the missile was intended for the two men she happened to stand beside.

Do people deserve to be blinded, just because they have a differing opinion to you? Even if she was there for the Parade, does the fact that she may have wanted to join a St. George’s Parade require her to be blinded?
WTF? Apparently she did lose that eye too.

mfe nurse 1mfe nurse 2mfe nurse 3mfe nurse 4
mfe nurse 5
mfe nurse 6
Where are the “nasty” comments? What, you mean the comments saying that the person that hurt her is a scumbag? Why are they nasty? Don’t you think the person that blinded this woman is “nasty” then?

I only…

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