Is the Daily Mail right wing? Here’d the #BNP opinion #edl #casualsunited

It’s the racist Daily Mail that needs locking up, not the ranting black woman on a bus.

Tue, 21/08/2012 – 21:14
Share thisBy Chris Barnett – The racist stirring Daily Mail, hopes to stir up more racial divisions by making a big deal about a black woman having a racist rant on a bus directed at innocent white people.

We should not jump on the bandwagon as this is not genuine news, but another attack by the elite  on the more poorer, less fortunate and vulnerable in society with the hope of setting people against each other, for those in government and their sponsors to benefit. 


The schematics of what exactly led to the woman’s outburst doesn’t matter one jot. Furthermore a racist rant does not make a racist.

She needs to be hauled up before the courts and fined, but in light of Emma West, lets not have 2 wrongs make a right.

To demand that this black woman be locked up for her rant, would be strengthening the hand of the fascist Lib/Lab/Con alliance.

What matters is the racist anti working class Daily Mail. This is a good opportunity to explain the best we can the purpose of the Daily Mail and how they are the lowest of the low.

The racist Daily Mail sells itself as a right wing Tory newspaper that is against mass immigration and political correctness.

Traditionally over the years it has attracted working class people of Thatcher’s generation, real Thatcher children who did well for themselves growing up.

It is those people above all else that the racist Daily Mail is betraying – Working class people, who’ve worked really hard all their lives, who are voting Tory.

The Daily Mail, just like Cameron is batting for the filthy rich and big business who are all in turn addicted to the cheap labour that mass immigration brings. It has always been the Tory leadership that has wanted the expansion of the EU under the false premise that it would weaken the overbearing Franco/German axis, when the reality is that it’s the cheap labour that such expansion would bring for big Tory & New Labour donors.

The Daily Mail is extremely dangerous and deviant. Just like Cameron they are not anti mass-immigration in the slightest.

How can this be? How can they appear to be so vocal against mass immigration and against political correctness, yet actually really want both?

The Daily Mail discredits the anti mass immigration argument with mindless racism. When they put such stories up, look at the reaction of other angry people that have been pushed over the edge.

Thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of people, angry, promoting the Daily Mail and without any control whatsoever, are posting ill thought out hatred towards the people featured in the story. Maybe it’s against the Somalian asylum seekers living in million pound houses in posh areas of London. Maybe it’s against asylum seekers. Maybe it’s against the forgotten poor whites, that are described as “chavs” or “white trash”.

Are people commenting on the Daily Mail website going to be directing their anger at the black woman or the government? People don’t think properly in the short space of time that their mind is focusing on the story.  The easy thing to do, in the short space of time that people have is to focus on the subject of the story, which is the black woman – not the government.

In our busy lives, people love to get a little rant of their chest, so rather than thoughtful comments; it’s a rant that makes us feel better. This isn’t a criticism of normal people or those that read the Daily mail, it’s an insight into how well the Daily Mail knows how to get their readership, or at least a subsection of it, to post mindless ranting racism all around the internet or to blame the wrong people, so that there is a diversion away from the real problemthe government, its big business backers, its policies and normal people being stripped of what little wealth they have so that a subsection of filthy rich people can become ever more richer.

People are getting arrested because they are badmouthing football players that happen to be black on twitter, but when was the last time someone got arrested because they posted far more offensive and hateful comments on the Daily Mail website?

“Tory” Newspaper that co-operates with the left

The Daily Mail is an evil, racist newspaper that makes its money out of peddling stories that serve nothing more than to increase racism in society to the point that it muddies the debate about mass immigration in the first place.

Readers who are still not convinced, should ask themselves:

Why does the Daily Mail buy photos from left wing news outlets?

Why do left wing newspapers allow their photos and stories to be syndicated to the racist Daily Mail?

Why does the Daily Mail publish statements from the UAF?

People should not promote the filthy racist anti working class Daily Mail website or their stories on the internet. The Daily Mail has used and deceived the anti-immigration / nationalist movement for too long.

When the Daily Mail points out the truth, the BNP would agree. When we point out the truth, we would just be accused of racism.

No answers or solutions from the racist Daily Mail

We are a political party with non-racist practical solutions. Our objective is to get people to direct their anger away from the vulnerable and towards the corrupt political elite who only serve big business and foreign interests.

The Daily Mail’s objective is to just get people ranting racist crap, attacking the vulnerable, while duped into promoting their website and promoting stories that suits the agenda of the rich and powerful.

They get away with it, because every now and then they attack the “racist BNP”, running yet another story about how they have done more for the late Stephen Lawrence than anyone else.

Don’t fall for the con of the Daily Mail, The Daily Express or The Star. They are not our friends, they will never be. They are about as different from the Daily Mirror as New Labour is to the Tories!

The political elite and the Daily Mail were most probably hoping that this party would get itself into a mindless, polarized and divisive debate about whether the black woman gets treated as harshly as the white Emma West.

They are both poor victims of a corrupt government that is so arrogant because it’s people have been sleeping, unaware. People are waking up. They are starting to understand properly the tactics that are being used against them and the focus is shifting to the true enemy – the corrupt politicians who currently infest parliament and their lackeys.

Warn everyone of the dangerous Daily Mail and not to be fooled by their deception

Sometimes we all miss the deception.

A case in point is Somalian immigrants living in exclusive areas of London on the taxpayer. While they don’t morally deserve to live in such areas, as nationalists, we should not object.

After all, exclusive areas of London are typically likely to be more infested with chattering class Daily Mail journalists than people like us, so why should we kick up a stink about Somalians, for them to be kicked out of areas where the racist immoral Daily Mail hacks are more likely to be, only for the Somalians to be moved from an area of rich council tax payers to be a burden on councils that have poor council tax payers? Let’s leave the rich chattering classes who think mass immigration is super, to pick up the bill!

The racist anti-working class Daily Mail, wants normal people to be burdened and paying for our own demise and their sick joke is to con us into even agreeing with them, doing their bidding! Let’s not.

Please warn everyone, including those who don’t politically agree with us, the dangers of the Daily Mail and other so called “anti mass immigration rags”, about what their real agenda is. Remember that they are the enemies of normal decent people and what they publish more often than not has ulterior motives that do not serve the interests of anyone outside the rich and the political elite.

The Daily Mail must be exposed, opposed, attacked and ridiculed at every opportunity and the British National Party is the best vehicle to do exactly that.


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  1. daily mail is about the only newspaper that is non pc, it`s not perfect but it`s an improvement compared to the other newspapers

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