Review of #Casualsunited book (reblogged)

Just finished reading this book and although I know the writers well, I still have to say this is a damn good read. Its not at all what you would expect. It tells you how the movement started and how the police, CPS and even Social services piled into Joe (Stabby as the Commies call him lol) and ruined his marriage in an attempt to silence him. There are some excellent photos and news clips which illustrate the point of these movements perfectly. A letter telling someone that he is a “marked man” and that the MET are out to get him. A letter from police telling Joe he will be arrested if he goes to a demo, this is shocking stuff. The book shows examples of harsh treatment of patriots compared to what happens to violent immigrants for the same or even worse charges. The two tier system is shown up and so are massive injustices and abuses of power by the police and CPS. The ten year Asbos which have only ever been used on patriots and not on violent lefties. The splinter groups of the NWI, NEI, CXF and SDL all get a good mention with many pics and the story of how they have disrupted the IRA supporters in Liverpool. It explains the behind the scenes campaigns and the victories the Casuals and other groups have had, often without even leaving their houses. I totally recommend this book.


Book available on the link below


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