Brian Whelan the Commie moaning about the Army supporting the #EDL #shockshockhorror


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Last night the Ministry of ­Defence launched an inquiry ­after we presented them with ­evidence of two serving ­soldiers who openly support the racist group and who have attended ­violent marches.

The EDL has become notorious for its far-right rhetoric and provocative demonstrations that have seen hooligans clash with police across the country.

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, 33, claimed to have attended their events.

Their message of hate is ignored by the majority of troops but we can reveal a number of soldiers have embraced the EDL’s offensive views.

Yorkshire Regiment squaddie ­Cavan Langfield, 18, of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, began ­training as a soldier aged 16.

The Army had high hopes for him and he even posed with his Colonel-in-Chief Prince Andrew for a local newspaper.

But the MoD was shocked to learn Langfield has become a dedicated supporter of the EDL, travelling across the country to attend ­marches and boasting online of his violent activities.

Before its provocative march on Tower Hamlets, east ­London last year, he posted on an EDL website, declaring: “Lets f**king have it! Buzzing tomorrow.”

On his Facebook account he has pictures of himself posing with ­automatic weapons in full uniform next to images of EDL demonstrations. He names his political views as “English Defence League”.

Under one picture of EDL ­members fighting police, the thug boasts: “Was fun when we had it with the coppers. They hit our mate for no reason so we all started scrapping.”

His online pal Brandon Neal, 18, is a British infantry soldier training in Canada before being deployed to Afghanistan. He openly promotes his links to the far-right group.

Neal, from Devon, uses social ­networks to keep in touch with EDL members and posts pictures of his Army kit and weapons alongside ­images of their protests, listing his interests as “football hooliganism” and being an “Islamophobe”.

On one picture of Neal’s ­rifle,  a friend suggests he should take the weapon to an EDL march in  Dewsbury, West Yorks, which was held recently. His chilling reply was “We’ll need em”.

Neal describes himself as “EDL all the way” and has been pictured ­taking part in the group’s “patrols” in Yorkshire.

The organisation’s hate-filled ­message has made it all the way to Afghanistan, where one masked ­soldier posed in front of an EDL flag with a rifle.

Further pictures from the same sickening display are being distributed by the EDL as propaganda.

Army sources indicated Langfield and Neal will face the “hairdryer treatment” today.

The MoD said the matter had been “dealt with internally”.

A spokesman said: “The Army is clear that racism of any kind is ­unacceptable.

“Instances of such behaviour brought to our attention are investigated and appropriate action taken, up to and including dismissal.

“While personnel are free to join political parties, they are expected to abide by our values and standards in all they do.”

From The Daily Star 22.07.12


Yeah, Brian Whelan. A Communist who hates the British Army and pretended to be a member of the public to complain about missiles on a tower block in London during the Olympics. Yeah we should ALL listen to this cunt. Newsflash, the EDL is not illegal and if someone screenshot my Facebook I would deny it and insist I was hacked or another family member did it. Prove it. Another Commie fail.



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One response to “Brian Whelan the Commie moaning about the Army supporting the #EDL #shockshockhorror

  1. cavan langfield

    Yes cas I’m clearly racist its this media that twists and turn stuff around they got the pictures & stuff from my face book and made a headline to all the papers accross the. World just because I was in the army ! To me media is nothing but lies

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