Cardiff lad feels the #EDL is “controlled opposition” #bnp #cxf #nwi

Goodbye EDL.

Hasn’t this been an amazing year in politics, historically and constitutionally – Who could have predicted the rise of the British Freedom party, the political arm of the EDL?  The BFP was only formed eighteen months ago but already they have taken 43 seats across the nation in surprise victories in the local elections this year. At this rate we can reasonably expect the BSP to be in with a chance of at least rocking the boat at the next general election even if it is a little too soon to hope for a win. 

We must thank the hard working men and women of the EDL for all their efforts and the sacrifices they have made at street level especially in the early days of the movement in order to prepare the ground for the BSP and its current success.  I think it is reasonable to say that we will, sometime in the next few years see the leaders of the BSP being asked by the Crown to form a Government particularly now, that we have seen the defection of a number of senior political figures to our ranks.

Why are we not reading similar headlines to the above?  Why will we never read such headlines as those?  Read the following and see if any of it rings true.

We live in the midst of much new and highly advanced technology, some of it we are familiar with and much of it we are not.  There is massive online traffic now on the WWW and whole new sciences are growing up around analysing the enormous amounts of data being fired around the planet at any given time.  One of those new sciences is Future Trend Analysis.  Put simply, what this means is that by monitoring great chunks of online data; i.e. by using super fast computers with highly advanced filtering systems to identify key words and phrases, and separating them out from other online data, future trends may be predicted based on analyzed sample data and with the right kind of information gathering techniques even anticipated and influenced or guided in certain ways depending upon the agenda of those funding the data gathering. 

Remember the four evils of the web, the sexual exploitation of children, identity theft, porn, and the rise of the right. 

Without doubt online traffic expressing rightwing views and opinions over the last few years has increased exponentially, and to a greater or lesser degree this has been exacerbated by mass immigration to this country largely due to the war criminal Blair and his government’s open door policy.  The apparent Islamification of many of our towns and cities and, since 9/11 and 7/7 the perceived increased threat of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism (largely promoted by the mainstream media), also the rise of black on white crime (largely unreported by the mainstream media) in our inner cities are all contributing factors.  Add to this the great numbers of legal migrants reaching UK shores from EU member states at a time when our economic situation is making finding decent employment difficult, the resulting increased competition for jobs has lead to feelings of resentment among many sections of society, but most especially the working class.   This resentment was always going to be manifested by an expression of rightwing protectionist views followed by an increase in support for rightwing political parties or movements.  Over the past few years the British movement has increased in numbers as has the BNP, NF and a plethora of other groups generally considered rightwing and by definition nationalistic. Far and away the newest of these movements and with more general support, without doubt the largest, (certainly in its early days) is the EDL, or English Defence league. 

So, put yourself in the shoes of the home secretary, or, one of the shadowy power brokers that lurk in the dingey corridors of Whitehall and pull the strings of the home secretary.  You are privvy to information fresh from the on-land listening station GCHQ in Cheltenham (they purchase 30 Terabytes of storage each month from Hewlett Packard) which in the most alarming tones is warning you of this huge increase in rightwing related traffic on the net.

This is late 2008; the world has gone into economic freefall after the Lehman’s brothers US banking collapse.  Hank Paulson (head of the Federal Reserve) has threatened the US congress with martial law if they don’t pass the 800 billion USD bailout deal to save the banking industry (bet you didn’t know that) The US has elected its first (and probably last) black president who is waiting in the wings as the Bush administration serves out its final months in the Whitehouse.  Internationally (and that is now how we must view events) the political class is extremely nervous and this in turn is impacting on domestic policy as the world appears to be hurtling towards disaster, (and it still is). 

Traditionally, and if history is to be our guide populations in times of social and economic collapse, and, in the absence of other polarising factors such as the threat of invasion or war to make them focus on a common patriotic aim or enemy, will always turn to political extremes.

So, you are this powerful individual or group of individuals faced with the possibility of political insurrection.  What do you do? What are your choices?  Do you wait … wait until an organisation from the extreme right emerges naturally under its own momentum?  What if that group or movement has a real leader, one with genuine leadership qualities and charisma … What happens then? A new, and popular political party in the UK – A real one.  God forbid.  One that would have the support of the people.  Or, worst case scenario- The emergence of a new Hitler!  How difficult a task would it be to take down such a group or movement? Even with people on the inside – if you were able to place infiltrators there it would not be easy.  Potentially the group could get too well organised, too soon for you to effectively impair its rise. A lot would be left to chance.

Alternatively, you start your own popular street movement in the full knowledge that you control it and you will ensure that by all and whatever means you have at your disposal this controlled movement will never evolve into a real political force and will lead it’s followers in circles until the initial momentum which could have been focused and channelled into a real political force is spent and dissipated in pointless demonstrations and a confused agenda until its followers lose interest and the movement dissolves naturally. This is what’s known as controlled opposition and the British establishment are past masters in its use.

 You appoint leaders whom you know have neither the political experience or the intelligence or the leadership qualities to take the movement beyond its street rabble beginnings.  No movement can develop without funds so you thwart any attempt at proper fund raising.  You confuse the agenda of the movement in order to marginalize groups of followers and make them leave the movement in disgust and disillusionment. For example the EDL homosexual wing, The EDL leadership’s apparent support for Israel and the Israeli agenda, Blacks with dreadlocks addressing the gathering at demonstrations, Asians given positions of leadership within the group, and even (and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing) a transsexual addressing the gathered crowd at Bristol.  All of the above you would expect from the UAF but not a movement claiming to have leanings to the right.  Ergo: I do not believe that the EDL has been usurped, I believe that it was controlled opposition from the very start and was always a tool of the establishment designed to run interference against any rise of the right in the UK.

Whether Tommy Robinson is on-side with this agenda or has just been put in place as a useful idiot is anyone’s guess but this is a man who was filmed for a TV documentary, drunk and throwing coins at the police.  What I witnessed on Sat 14th of July in Bristol made me ashamed to be associated with the EDL.  There has always been speculation regarding the misuse of EDL funds and while I have no wish to comment either way on that issue, there was our little leader wearing about two grand’s worth of designer gear and completely off his face trying to pick a fight with the police outside the three lions pub in Bedminster.  This man (however cheeky and likable) is not fit to lead a conga.  But was that the idea from the beginning? If it was, then they’ve seceded in destroying a movement that could have changed the political face of Britain.

Jeff Marsh has over the past couple of years become quite a close friend of mine.  We’ve travelled the length and breadth of this nation together to attend numerous events under the EDL banner and the Casuals banner.  We’ve had some scrapes and we’ve had a few laughs as well but we’ve always been focused on the business in hand, especially Marshy and in my opinion he would be ten times the leader that Tommy is.  And I know he’s the real thing. 

And for my parting shot let me say this, and I’ve told Jeff this on many occasions;  You can have a demo with a couple of thousand people present and there will be a couple of hundred boys there who are charlied up, pissed up and off their faces looking for a scrap.  I’ve witnessed, it you’ve witnessed it, and we’ve all witnessed it.  Those boys can throw themselves at police shields all day long, and you know what? The establishment fucking loves it.  They sit back and look at each other knowingly thinking what a bunch of twats those stupid working class EDL thugs are – they’ll never be a threat to us.  Take the same two hundred boys (that’s all it will take) get them to wear matching gear,  white tops, black trousers (or whatever) and get them marching in step and in lines and columns down the road in front of the main demo and that will shake the fucking establishment to it’s core!

Oh, and before the threats start coming in – I BITE BACK!




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4 responses to “Cardiff lad feels the #EDL is “controlled opposition” #bnp #cxf #nwi

  1. QM

    Biggest threat to the country has always been socialism, that coupled to its support for extreme Islam will bring about the hatefest you fear. The right are not the threat you believe them to be, they’ve never wrecked countries or destroyed economies on anything like the scale of socialism. Also eugenics too, the dark secret of the left, coupled with it’s support for the Hitlerite regime in the early days of WW2 when they tried to sabotage the war effort before Hitler attacked the Soviet Union.
    Before pointing any fingers at others, perhaps socialists on the left had better come clean with a confession of their own sins, for frankly compared to them the ‘far right’ are rank amateurs.

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  3. stevieb

    The EDL is most certainly a controlled opposition group…it’s so obvious it’s not true. But I guess you’d have to be English in the first place to be able to see it. But keep trying makes it very easy to stop the criminal Jewish network destroying Britain from the inside when very stupid people think they’re getting away with something ” they’d never suspect”…

  4. stevieb

    That shouldn’t sound like it’s addressed to the writer of this article…sorry..

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