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Teenager in horror rape attack was dragged from street and abducted in broad daylight

The student tried to flee down Emma Street in London fields

06 July 2012

Detectives are hunting a man with a scarred face after a teenager was raped after being dragged off the street in daylight in east London.

The 17-year-old student was abducted and forced into a car and then dragged to a flat in London Fields where she was attacked.

The incident is at least the second stranger rape in London in recent months.

In May a jogger was attacked as she set off for an early morning run in Regent’s Park. No-one has been arrested.

The student was walking home along Mare Street at about 3pm on June 6 when she realised she was being followed by a man in a car.

At first she tried to walk down different streets in an effort to avoid him.

She turned into Emma Street and then Oval Road but the man then jumped out of his car, pushed her inside and sped off towards the flat.

The man- described as being powerfully built – is said to have overpowered the student and trapped her in the flat for about an hour.

After the assault she managed to escape and ran to London Fields station where she raised the alarm.

Detectives appealed to people to help with the inquiry today after other attempts to identify the man have failed.

Officers said they were hunting a black man, aged between 30 and 40, of muscular build.

His head was shaved and he has a scar over his right eye and a piercing in his right ear.

He was driving a black VW Golf with a registration plate beginning with the letter V.

At present detectives say they are not linking the attack to any other offences.

Anyone with information should contact the Sapphire team at Shoreditch police station on             0207 275 3491       or call Crimestoppers anonymously on            0800 555 111      .


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