#EDL #Hyde #Manchester demo (reblogged)

EDL Hyde demo


Forget the nonsense the Commies and the BBC are spouting heres what really happened.

After a top night out in Manchester’s Chinatown we set off early for Ashton under Lyne and plotted up in a few pubs. I reckon our numbers there to be around 200. We made our way over to Hyde in coaches and a convoy of cars around eleven. We parked up in various backstreets and within minutes of leaving the car two of us were surrounded by seven Muslim youths calling us “EDL scum” one of them pushed me and theres no doubt we were just about to be attacked. As this was happening these “bad boys” suddenly realised they were surrounded by our lads. I think they will think twice before trying to attack a girl and a lad next time after a few of them discovered a word called KARMA. Not gonna say exactly what happened but one magic moment of this was that one of them, after mouthing then realising they were outnumbered turned to run away and one of the lads put his leg out and the clown went down like a sack of spuds, flat on his face. Wish Id filmed it, it would have gone viral. I think weve all been in this situation around demos where Muslims surround small groups and several times they have attacked and even assaulted the girls, so this was a good lesson for them and Id like to thank the lads who rescued me.

Walking down to the station in Hyde we came across the BNP demo. Hard to say how many were there as loads of locals were milling around, but a rough guess Id say they had 100 there. We hung around for a while and saw loads of people talking to them and large groups of local white youths were hanging around this area, I couldnt see any UAF and I certainly didnt see any hostility to the BNP from anybody.

The pubs in the area were all full of EDL and locals and everybody was getting on fine. UAF have lost their ability to mobilise and have effectively given up the streets to us. If it wasnt for violent muslim youths we would not be opposed at all. As we walked down to our march I listened to groups of local youths and they were all in support of the EDL march. I didnt hear anyone saying that we werent welcome as the Commies are parroting on Twitter.

Its hard to estimate the numbers on the march. BBC say 600 and they always underestimate us. Commies are saying 200 but they would wouldnt they? If BBC say 600 you can usually double it I would say there was at least 1000 there, with another 200 in local pubs who didnt want to be kettled. Noticed a lot of people in yellow vests with “community mediator” on them. Take this to mean “people from the council who will attempt to talk the local muslims out of rioting”. Where are the community mediators when white people are being attacked? (tumbleweed)

While we were listening to the speeches one of the Man City girls rang me and said “between where you are and where I am there are 200 Muslims and there have been quite a few scuffles in the back streets”. Outside these 200 Muslims were apparantly trying to get to us and the resulting scuffles led to 11 arrests, not sure who was arrested but most likely ours as the police usually fail to arrest those out to attack us.

We jumped on a bus back to Ashton and stayed there for several hours enjoying a social, then made our way home. A top day. Thanks to Sarah, Linzi and Winston for all their hard work in making it happen and thanks to the people of Hyde for their support. The speeches were excellent, especially local boy Jamies. Cheers to Roxy for running the blog and twitter feed.

Speeches can be viewed by clicking this link


Suzy, Becki and Jojo


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