#Llanelli rapists get away with it #swansea (reblogged)


Two Muslim men were sentenced to the most weakest sentence for the rape of a 13 year old child at Swansea crown court

South Wales National Front can confirm today the most weakest , most inconsiderate sentence for two Muslim men that together attacked and raped a young 13 year old child (  the young girl can’t be named for legal reasons and to protect her identity ) .The both Muslims were in this country illegally and have been living here for the last 12 years or so.
The vicious attack took place in Llanelli in december 2011 .
Today at Swansea crown court Hassim Saadi age 21 and Abraheim Khudur age 26 , were both sentenced for this horrific crime against a young and innocent child. 21 year old Hassim was already in Stoke prison for affray for fighting Kurds on another sentence , he received  1 year and 3 months to run concurrent with his previous sentence , basically he got off with it as no extra punishment was put upon him .
The 26 year old Abraheim got 1 year and 4 months . During the hearing both were giggling and joking in the court room and were even told to “shut up” .They will both be let out with “good behaviour” when they have completed half of the sentence !
Is this the best protection our legal system has for our children? A young child has had her life ruined , her innocence has been taken from her , not to mention the injuries and the mental scars this will leave on her for the rest of her life, the stress the family has been put through i cant bare to imagine how sickened they must be at this sentence .
The case will be reported in tomorrow’s evening post ,and will probably be such a small write up you may even miss it if you don’t look hard enough for it (if its even posted at all )
So lets look at this and see it for what it really is , these two animals obviously with violent history , are here in our country , living here illegally have ruined a young British child’s life and are now sitting in a warm cosy prison cell , with 3 meals a day , visits ,free healthcare (doctor /dentist), security from anyone else harming them (rule 43) , television , and endless other comforts , makes my blood boil !
This child could be your child , a family member or a friend , its really about time you people started to see the reality of immigration and opened your eyes to it , its real and its happening right here on our doorsteps , anyone wishing to get involved in South Wales National Front can email us your details on southwalesnf@hotmail.co.uk
Say NO to immigration and say YES to protecting your loved ones .
Please share this article to make others aware of the dangers of immigration , thank you .


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