Going on a march in #Cardiff

I despair for our nation:

This afternoon, in Cardiff, here in sunny South Wales a group of very unhappy people are going on a march.  They are going on that march because they feel that a great wrong is being inflicted upon them.

Our government does not represent us, they are there primarily to rape us in the interests of their corporate bosses and foreign banks. Our young men are being sent to die in foreign fields in illigitimate wars for that same corporate interest, every time you put fuel in your car you are being robbed by this unaccountable unrepresentative government, every time you make a purchase 20% of the cost of those goods goes to those thieves in Cardiff bay, Westminster and of course Brussells.  Our country is being engulfed in a dark tide of illegal immigrants who do not want to adapt to the ways of their new home but would rather inflict their own medieval religions and savagery upon us.  Unemployment is ripping the heart out of our youth and many students leave university with good, hard earned degrees only to find themselves working in call centres (the ones that haven’t been out-sourced to India that is) if they’re lucky.

And so these unhappy people march in Cardiff today.  Not, however, for any of the above reasons but because they don’t like the colour of the new proposed strip for Cardiff City FC.  The propaganda is working.  Keep drinking that coolaid guys…. Bah Bah Bah…LMFAO



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