Black crime in UK reblogged by Pedro #edl #bnp #blackcrime

Do we have a black crime problem in this country?  Maybe someone should ask the 21 year old victim of Joseph Moran, who was raped and beaten by the piece of filth late last year after she was refused entry onto a late-night bus because she was 20p short of her £5.00 fare.  Fortunately the scumbag was yesterday found guilty and faces sentencing on 27 of July. He needs to hang…. If only.
Then we have the other six black rioters who were yesterday handed down sentences from between 12 and 30 years for trying to shoot down a police helecopter (with handguns…lol)  during last years riots.  As an ex-shooter (thanks to our scumbag government) I know that unless the chopper is less than 60 feet away the chances of doing any real damage are pretty slim, especially with the converted pop guns these mugs use on each other.  A 44.magnum, Barret LG50, or RPG7 would be the weapons of choice for such a task…FAIL….Maybe someone should have told ‘da gangstas’ … F@cking tobies Ha ha. 

By Pedro


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