British justice today – it aint for “whitey” – reblogged from Casualsunited blog

The shape of “Justice” in Britain today – whites jailed for words, immigrants who assault walk free #edl


Which is the more serious offence do you think? Being drunk on a train and shouting some mild racial abuse or trying to kick someone to death while calling them a “white slag”? Well in today’s Britain, the shouting abuse offence is the one that gets treated most harshly. Our legal system is geared towards throwing the book at white people who dare question the mass invasion of our country by immigrants, many of whom are here only to abuse our benefits system, and many who have out and out hatred for us and cant even be bothered to try and disguise it.

Today the woman in the clip here who racially abused a few people (who are apparantly taking the piss out of her) was jailed for 5 months. She had done the same thing once before but the reality of the matter is, what she is guilty of here is a Section 5 public order offence, which should get her an £80 spot fine. Instead because it is “racially aggravated” she is jailed. 11 people were jailed recently in Carlisle for the same sort of thing, where no violence was used, just insulting/racist words. The police, CPS and Judges are DESPERATE to show their “anti racist” credentials, and will lock up any racist person that finds themselves at their mercy.

At the same time, the police, CPS and Judges also want to show how “not racist” they are by being leniant on any immigrants that appear before them. The vicious racist attack on Rhea Page in Leicester is a prime example of this, story here

The judge in the Aldershot case was the same, gave these hooligans a slap on the wrist and even seemed to be making excuses for their behaviour. Story here.

Weve said many times that the CPS is obsessed with diversity, and prosecutes white people ferociously while letting cases involving immigrant crimes such as grooming be swept under the carpet in the interests of “community cohesion”.

You see, to the police and CPS, white working class people and football fans are seen as “fair game”, but cases like the link above, of Muslim grooming gangs, well that needs to be hidden, we dont want any trouble now do we?

The fact is that you do not help “community cohesion” by constantly persecuting and unfairly treating white people as they are still the majority in this country and the day is coming when there will be a massive backlash against this persecution. Do you think this women is going to be “cured” by her 5 months in prison for a minor public order offence? No likely, she is going to be bitter and evil about it for the rest of her life. When people are locked up for offensive words, while groomers and paedophiles are allowedfree reign, and Somalis and other foreigners are allowed to carry out vicious attacks and walk away laughing, there will be no peace.


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